Friday, May 07, 2010

Sony, Losing their Touch: Re-invents a Clock Radio with Failbook

Sheesh, the Japanese goombas who run Sony are really losing it. I mean, is this the best they can come up with? A freaking clock radio? WITH FACEBOOK? Cue post-Apple-a-long time ago lame hipster-kinda music and break out the popcorn, kids. This is going to be a painful watch:

From what I hear, they're gonna price these at $199 each. Priced so that I go thru three of these plastic little cheapies pounding 'snooze' when some asshole 'superpokes' me at 3 am.

Seriously. Sony. The PSX Mafia. And this is the best they can come up with? Really??

Anyone who was on the team making this retard clock radio need to fall on their family swords old school Shogun style because this blows. According to David Pogue, this wasn't even designed in Japan, it was outsourced to pot-smoking monkeys in California. Seriously, California has enough of a smoke problem with Shantanu Narayen & his ilk.

Akio Morita must be spinning in his grave. No wonder Uncle Steve and other founders stick around. Look at the alternative.

-Drunky out.

[Seriously. Anjin-san would have never gone to a Japan this lame]

"James Clavell's Shogun" (Jerry London)


andy said...

Thanks for posting that. I generally ignore mainstream like tv, radio, 'news' and so on, so it's good to occasionally be reminded just how dire the so-called music has got. Do people really have the kind of mindless 'lifestyle' portrayed in the ad, or is it just the sad gits who make adverts?

Mentok said...

Seriously? It's the sad gits of the media / content industry living their empty lives and then foisting their shortcomings on us.

The best thing you can do is throw out your TV and live exclusively off 'net media. Or overseas media. Once you've dipped into the pool of the 'net there's really no going back.

And all of these gits, 'journalists' 'entertainers' 'new media retards'.... it scares them shitless.

And now that Apple will make a media consumption platform that bypasses them, they are fighting for their limited lives.

Sony outsourcing their design teams to California makes about as much sense as Silicon Valley outsourcing to India. And the results are much the same.