Saturday, March 27, 2010

Valleywag joins the Big MSM Whinge against the iPad

I see that whiny little Ryan Tate continues the contraction of Valleywag with more tripe about Apple and the as of yet UNRELEASED iPad. Yeah, whatever. Apple tit. MSM tat. Of course I comment.

To quote Owen Thomas when I handed him some Flash dirt soo long ago — NOBODY CARES about Adobe, Flash, or this crap.

I see that Valleywag is joining the anti-Apple dogpile, totally missing the point of the iPad’s market. Willfully. Just like TIRED, just like the rest of Gawker.


This is the 80-20 rule all over again. There’s more than 20% that Jobs can pursue, and all the whinging from the MSM now that they actually have to sweat details isn’t going to change that.

“Fewer apps means less energy and excitement around the Apple products.”

Hogwash. Fewer CrApps means less consternation and more ad revenue (via admob, etc) from non-CrApp developers, and the jokers and wannabes banished back to making trojans, popunders and other cheap parlor tricks that only work on the other prevalent platform, Windows (DT, mobile).

Apple. Judge, Jury, System Administrator to their own platform. And if you don’t like it, whinge to TIRED and Gawker.

[From How Apple Is Dogfighting To Control Your News - ipad - Gawker]

Yes, the Flash heavy MSM is lazy. Like Adobe, they put all their eggses in oneses basket, Gollum, and now they’ll pay for it. Even MSFT wasn’t this stupid. You don’t see them desperately pitching Silverlight instead of working on a technical workaround, do you? No, they’re just serving Silverlight via IIS in a form the iHardware can digest. And, since I’m in a sober punchy mood today, let’s continue:

@GoddamnSexualTyrannosaurus: If you enjoy ‘building your own systems’ then get a Dell Mini10(v), make it a Hackintosh, and install Click to Flash. Then open up your fav PDF book in ReadRight (JFGI) or in The PDF rendering you’ll see is a lot like what you see on an iPhone, and what you’ll see on an iPad.

Then you’ll have what most of the commenters here want, a complete system and not what they think is ‘an oversized iPhone’.

Don’t underestimate this new descendant of the Newton. What the Newton lacked was connectivity (I know, I had a MP 2000 for a long time). It was a PITA to get books on, or anything on.

So, now I’m potentially going to have a device, more than 3x the screen of my iPhone, WITH Eucalyptus, GoodReader (large PDF reader with OCR/text conversion), DropBox, iTeleport (VNC with ssh), iChm *and* my between a larger screen and my Mac? Basically all the Apps I bought for my iPhone will go straight to the iPad, and many will be native ‘universal binaries’. (iPhone, PPC/Arm; iPad, Intel based A4).

So. Why would I even *buy* a Kindle at this point? When I can transfer my Apps (which will be optimized to iPad) and then let my parents read news on a device which approximates the weight and size of a hardcover book?

Like you, for myself, I’ll probably wait a generation or two like I did on getting an iPhone 3GS (my first iPhone).. but for my parents? They’re getting an iPad.

There are a LOT of retirees from the Boomster demographic on up. They don’t care about whinging dead tree hucksters or their equally whinging sponsors, the whingy lazy software company that bet the farm on flying baloney and offshored everything to India.

Seriously. They. Don’t. Care.

[From How Apple Is Dogfighting To Control Your News - ipad - Gawker]

Gawker and TIRED sitting in a tree. W-H-I-N-G-I-N-G. Seriously, like every other on.line.rag, the commenters are far more interesting.

Ironically, the smaller papers who didn’t drink the Flash Kool-Aid are in a better position to party like the web is 1994 — which is what most if not ALL of the olds purchasing an iPad want their reading experience to be.

-Drunky out.

[Charlie Miller, that ex-NSA 'brainy cunt' has a book. Who'da thunk?]

"The Mac Hacker's Handbook" (Charles Miller, Dino Dai Zovi)

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