Monday, May 10, 2010

Brian X Chen should Apologize to Apple for Writing this Tripe

Once again, Brian 'No I ain't Malcolm by a long shot' X Chen makes a dufus of himself. In a moment reminiscent of John Dowdell's classic 'How I want Apple to Talk' the TIRED clubkid gives the Adobe shill a run for his money:

Reasonable people can disagree over whether it was ethical for Gizmodo to purchase the lost iPhone prototype, but the police action — kicking down Jason Chen's door to seize his computers — was overboard. It was self-evidently a clumsy move: After damaging Chen's property, the police paused the investigation to study whether the journalists' Shield Law protected Chen.

The proper action would have been to issue a subpoena to get Chen to talk about the device first. Apple, which instigated the police action by filing a stolen property complaint, should publicly apologize to Chen (no relation to the author of this post) and reimburse him for the damages.

[From 5 Things Apple Must Do to Look Less Evil - ABC News]

No Chen, 'reasonable people' would know that the the proper thing to do was file a police report, and the D.A. did the rest. What I really want to know is how does the shield law (protection of sources) protect the journalist himself? When he goes on Youtube and blabs that he has a stolen iPhone? He already did his 'talking' there!

Waaaaay past ethics and into a criminal proceeding when your fellow Chensta paid $5K for a stolen property. But it seems that the surname 'Chen' can't be associated with 'attention to detail' let alone 'ethics' these days.

Or the fact that Gawker is not rushing to their employee's defense, yo' buddy the other more stupid Chenster has retained his OWN criminal attorney.

But on this both Gawker and you are mum.

The proper action (for you) would be to go back to what you're starting to FAIL on. Which is slamming Apple and giving us all a good laugh every time to spout this tripe. And it was SO BAD this time that WIRED spooled to to those clueless retards at ABC.

Drunky out.

[This seems to be the 'Foar Dummies' book that the Chensters need]

"Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century" (Christopher Burgess, Richard Power)

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