Monday, August 23, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa's Anticlimatic Anti-American Tour! In November!

Now that his newly hyphenated country seems to be waking up to his blatant lies on this side of the ocean, Vivek Wadhwa, India Inc's lobbyist in American residence, if not their most prominent "Economic Hitman" wannabe is taking his message of "India good, all others bad" on the road. At least if you judge him by his twats. He seems to have a very full November in places that do not share US interests:

Accepted invite by Pres. of Okinawa Institute of Science and Tech to visit on Oct 6/7. Look forward to meeting Japanese followers there!

Ah, so the first whistle stop on the India Inc tour is those Ryuukuu residing rabble rousers. Ah, Okinawa, the thorn in Japan's side, the final nail in the coffin of the previous PM of Japan -- for not pushing the USA to remove military bases fast enough despite having a mischievous neighbor to the north & west who lobs missiles into the Sea of Japan... a great place to start stirring the pot, if not pro-India, then anti-America.

Tip for making friends: Ask the locals what a 'Soapland' is!

Also accepted invite to give a keynote at NASSCOM in Bangalore in Nov. First time I am meeting NASSCOM people or attending their events.

Ah, it seems that the NASSCOM Don of the main Bharati Mafia finally wants to meet India Inc's first native EHM (Economic Hitman) face to face and cheek to cheek!

We've all seen 'The Godfather' enough to know why my little sahib is going to see his masters in the flesh: he's risen to prominence and is up for promotion. Summoned to the Main Office. A doff of my skullcap to you, my little sahib. But I think you'll be headed back to the Bangs after your next stop:

Teaching a class on entrepreneurship at Tsinghua University in Beijing in November. Hope to meet Chinese followers while I am there!

No doubt my little sahib will try the EHM thing on the Chinese, but hist! I think those tales of 'Chindia' will fall on slightly more seasoned, bemused, hand-picked ears. Be sure that you do not tell them about the JooJoo! Mum!

The Chinese probably also promised not to bring up why Apple won't use India for R, D, or manufacturing. But it'll be a nice little junket for you, my little sahib: Now you get to see why China will use India to wipe the floor of the world.

Don't believe me? Pick up this month's Economist. The China-India special is to die for.

Ah, America. There was a reason Australia kicked my little sahib to the curb. But we proud Americans, & her back east / beltway Ivyiots like Mumbai Don Tennant never learn. Le Sigh.

-Drunky out.

[Really, really recommend this as inflight reading for my little sahib]

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" (John Perkins)


James said...

Would you believe there has been yet ANOTHER delay in delivery of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner thanks to INDIA, INC?

Well believe it!


Rolls Royce Behind New Boeing Delay

"LONDON -- Rolls Royce has been singled out as the cause behind another delivery delay to Boeing's 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Boeing was scheduled to deliver its new aircraft to Japan's All Nippon Airways in late 2010 but has now pushed that back to early 2011; it follows two years of delays to the 787 project."

India & Aerospace Outsourcing: Rolls Sets Up a Subsidiary

"Now Rolls Royce has formally established Rolls-Royce Operations India Pvt Ltd. in Bangalore."

James said...

How transparent, Fraudwha. India, Inc. has caused the biggest EPIC FAIL in USA in 70 years and Americans are demanding you all be kicked out so now of course, you're looking for the next pot of gold - China won't let you in en masse - they're not that stupid, so you look to Japan.

If you think for one second the Japanese people are going to put up with the kind of destruction India, Inc. has wreaked on America, you are dreaming. There will be mass riots in the streets demanding full deportation. Hell, in Japan they even deport kids of mixed marriages born there.

Good luck little Fraudy, and enjoy some sun and fun with your North Korean spies (ahem, I mean Okinawans).

Sounds to me like the heat is getting a bit much in the USA for you so you're looking for the next planet to set down on.

Well, good luck because Japan is never going to accept India, Inc. and the slumdog slave trade.

And he's teaching a class on entrepreneurship in Beijing? A FAILED entrepreneur teaching entrepreneurship? Is the CCP and PLA aware of this? They don't take kindly to failed CEOs over there, you know.

As for the Economist, they've been commie for several years now. They keep hyping Chindia, but no one is listening....

James said...

OR..... just occured to me....

Maybe he's going on the road because someone really did send him letters with bullets in it and he's afraid he's going to be the next target in USA of the next techie who snaps.

Would make sense - he knows the task in USA is insurmountable and turning against him - so now he's targetting other otheries to sell his schtick in.

Let's see - kicked out of Oz, totally owned in USA on the net, on to China & Japan next - whose populations will most likely do the same to him if India, Inc. ever gets a foothold in those countries.

Why are delusional Indians so totally unaware that they are the most hated race on earth? Hell, even the crazy Iranians hate them.