Friday, April 09, 2010

Team Aaaaaaapple, Fuck Yeah! Platform Police, Yo!

Over at the NoAgenda fora they're talking about the latest move by 'Team Apple...fuck yeah!'.. my take:

Some devs and I are twatting about this; from me twatting-

1/ Apple's like China during the Opium War. Take your Flash Opium & GFTO of our country. Issue was Opium but other trade was hurt. (in other words, there's going to be collateral damage, but it's negligible).

2/ If Apple 'wins the war' then Flash goes the way of Opium. If Apple loses the war, then Apple goes the way China did after the Opium War. (either Flash dies, or Apple is forced to open things under duress ala MSFT anti-trust MUCH later).

3/ That's what all the Flash & VB script kiddies who now call themselves 'Devs' are scared shitless of. Being the next MIDI or animated gif. (and magazine / blog content bunnies. They knew about this dick move weeks ago, hence all the iPad hateration).

3/ Sure it's a dick move by Apple. Either way, in a Jon Nash way of looking at things (game theory) Apple 'wins'. To NOT make the move = lose.

4/ That's why when companies get to a certain size, if they DON'T make dick moves like this, they invariably fail. MSFT did it. IBM did it. etc

5/ Apple didn't do it last time, guess what? We all run Windoze. YUCK. If Apple doesn't do it this time, we all get iPhone spinlock via Flash. (Mac's been second class to Windows. That was a mistake that Uncle Steve just ain't gonna repeat.)

Any Mac or *nix user who's had to deal with Flash or VB is applauding this move by Apple. All the bluster is coming from Flash (junk, porn site, crap video) or Mono (MSFT Visual Basic) "Developers". Who are interested in Apple being second banana (devtalk: make it in x, port to iPhone).

Apple doesn't wanna be second banana. They want to BE THE BANANA (devtalk: No, make in iPhone programming language 1st, sloppy seconds to whoever, we don't care).

You may be uncomfortable about it, but if you're an Old, you're marveling at Apple's stones. It's like the trainman all up in Neo's grill -- 'I don't care WHO you are. I built this place.' And since it's their platform -- and not some sh*tty browser plugin.... they're right.

Lastly: Only founders -- generals, emperors, presidents -- make moves like this. Caretakers & bean-counters like lieutenants, yes-men, MBAs running the company they acquired.. are risk averse and would not do this.

[From Applicability of the term douchebag to Apple]

Just remember kids: There are dicks, assholes and pussies. Better to be an onshore dick than an offshore pussy. Or asshole. That, and money talks and non-dick bluster walks.

Drunky out.

[For all you Flash & Mono 'non-dicks' in Chindia]

"Beginning Mac Programming: Develop with Objective-C and Cocoa (Pragmatic Programmers)" (Tim Isted)


Raed said...

Apple just makes decisions based on the best interest of the product it's developing as it sees the product. If you want something else you are certainly free to make it, but Apple's going to look after it's products. It is not in anyway wrong for them to do so.

There are other phones tablets and computers with different visions. Everyone has a choice. The fact of the matter is that Apple has a track record of building really good stuff.

がんこもん said...

Hey Mentok - there are SOME non-FOunders who do have the stone4s to make moves like this. Seee Teddy dictating to the Russians/Japanese about their little disagreement in 1905. See Ronald Reagan dictating to the Soviets 'We will build a 600-sship Navy. You don't like it? Too bad.' However, in corporate environments, your comment mostly rings sadly true. Successors rarely possess the stones or the acumen of the Founders. Which is why many of them don't last.