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Indo-Supremacy is Alive and Well on

In case you're wondering why there are times when I show so much love to our Indian friends, let me introduce you to the Indo-supremacists, who are blustering back and forth with locals about India buying Migs and Aircraft Carriers from Russia. Actually, Indian folks, calm down. If that's possible.

What did you EXPECT?

So of course I had to jump in. Oh & before you curse me for the 'little brown people' comment, try socializing with some our wonderful politicians in DC. They're ALL THAT WAY.

And it doesn't matter what color they are either. Give them a little status and that's how they regard us, the voters-- just little tanned (or not) yobs to be taxed on or doled out to...Anywho, Drunky mode ON.

03-13-2010 06:28 PM

There are a number of reasons that the Indians are here. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just calling em like I see em:

1/ Wealth destruction. There's too much fiat paper either in reserve or out in circulation. The only way to get rid of it is to destroy it one way or another. The Fed can collect on debt and destroy the currency, OR they can throw it down a hole called the 3rd world. The problem with the latter approach is that it throws the US middle class under the bus. The economy being the bus.

2/ The US Gov't is really gunning to make China the new Russia. We need a bad guy and the Russians really don't cut it anymore. But those Chinese are easily demonized and they also don't like the Indians. Of course, doesn't matter what CodeCorrector says, you can see by his posts why Indians everywhere are so loved.

Furthermore, it really doesn't matter how much the US Govt demonizes Pakistan, we have a longer history with them and more respect than we do for the Indians. We basically left India to the Brits, and when the Brits walked out India was left to their own devices.The fact that they go to whoever and have no loyalties anyway just plays into the Russians' Chinese' and our government's hands. They're a good way to get rid of excess paper.

So here we are, building up India as the bulwark to China, who is aligning with Pakistan. We're on the wrong side in South Asia, and setting India up for a war that it will lose. Badly.

When what we SHOULD have done was maintain our LONG friendship with Pakistan and let India delude themselves with that whole 'Chindia' nonsense (the Chicoms, um DISLIKE the Indians, and the Indians are Communist). That would have left India to keep busy with China and maintain good relations. But we're not seeing that, are we?

The Indians won't even stay on story that they're aligned with the USA, that's how bad an ally they are. They're doing what they always do, trying to curry favor on all sides and pleasing no one.

3/ Everyone knows the reason why CodeCorrector and his ilk are here is because of a number of social factors in the US. Falling birthrate being chief among them. But also, the yobs in DC are doing what I call 'trying on little brown people for size' -- seriously! The Mexican amnesty that now has Cali pegged with 12 MM 'undocumented' and in the red, H1B Visas for the Chinese and Indians, etc. Basically the CEOs and Politicians are looking for the right mix of unsophisticated, high birth rate, and most importantly COMPLIANT (and cheap!) for their latter 21st century workforce. They want another industrial revolution / robber baron model with CHEAP labor. The Indians don't bring 'best & brightest' to the table. They bring 'cheap.'

This whole cluster eff basically flourished under Bush 43.

Wasn't this all supposed to change under Obama? Let that all bake your noodles.

[From Re: India buys Mig-29's and Aircraft carrier from ... - Dice Discussions] [Second post after]

Some people never learn. And by some people I mean the Americans. The Indians? Yeah, them too, for the different reasons outlined above. Here's a big hint Indian folks: Remember how you deluded yourself with the Chindia takin' over the world thing while the Chinese went all buddy buddy with Pakistan?

How do you think you're deluding yourselves now? Here's a BIG FAT HINT. You have my permission to skip the Japan parts. Heck, in fact, read some more of my so-called POV at Dice.

You'd do well to heed the words of CaptainJack, one msg above mine.

Drunky out.

"Confessions of an Economic HitMan" (John Perkins)

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