Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman RIP- World's Gonna Miss You, Arnold Jackson

This apocalypse tag is dedicated to the memory of Gary Coleman, who everyone remembers as 'Arnold Jackson' on Diff'rent Strokes. Gary made it to his 40s, and had the rocky life of most El Lay actors.

It's too bad he'll never evolve his 'Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?' line into what the world needs today -- something more like-

'Da fuck you talkin' about (politician, CEO, BP spokesperson, MMS Gal, Rahm Emmanuel)?'

Believe me, it was beginning:

What really gets me is that despite all the 'experts' there on Insider that were there to douchetalk him down.. NOBODY picked up on that bigass vein on the side of his head and said, 'Maybe Gary needs to get to a doctor, like NOW.'

Nah, they were too busy douchebagging about 'how dangerous he was'. Because even the world needs to be afraid of a 4'8" black man. Gary didn't need that noise. Who would?

Shows you what droids these 'journalists' of the Insider really are.. and why Gary was fully justified in telling them to Bartz off. Wouldn't you?

So, alla you angry manchildren & womanchildren out there. Of whatever color.

Remember Gary Coleman well. You will be judged by the content of your character.

And the next time you see an Andersen Cooper Vanderbilt or Joy Behar off the handle.. and..

Be sure to tell them to Bartz off. In his memory. Or, where Gary was going-

'Da Fuck you Talkin' 'Bout, (asshole, Boomer, politician, lobbyist, BP, etc).'

-Drunky out.

"Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete First Season" (Leslie H. Martinson, Ellen Falcon, Dolores Ferraro, Lee Lochhead, Selig Frank)

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