Sunday, August 30, 2009

What changed?

So, in the almost two years since I touched this blog last, 'what changed'?

  • I'm retired from my previous life as a support / test geek. Smug in the fact that they replaced me with 40 Indians, all of whom don't know shit. Now I can 'Consult'.
  • There were 5 Chinese on the new team. Watch out for the Chinese, they really want to move forward. Can't say that for the South Asians.
  • I live on the coast now. Yes there are even problems on the coast, but not like Tijuana Norte.
  • I'm probably getting ready to head back overseas. I can barely stand it here in the USSA. aka Wal-Mart Boomerized Superjail States of Amerika.
  • I still bittorrent a lot of overseas media. They seem to be better informed than the Faux CNN sheeple in the USSA.
  • I've moved on to rail on the 'Most Deluded Generation', the Boomers. Here & here.
  • Enough to resurrect this blog.

So here's my viewing and reading list:

  • The War Nerd - Brecher is my favorite killjoy / bucket of cold water on the war porn that permeates the US MSM. And he's a Fresnan to boot, a braver man than I for living in that $hithole.
  • Adam Curtis - Snag. Every. Last. Docu. of his from bittorrent. Do it. Curtis is the master of unintended consequences. 'The Power of Nightmares' and 'Century of the Self' are must-sees if you really want an unflinching view of how the world works. Seriously, he gets interviews from the Rand Corporation & John Nash.
  • Niall Ferguson is also good in this respect. Youngs should see/read 'The War of the World' and 'The Ascent of Money' to see where we've been and where we're going....
  • Fred on Everything - Fred's an old military fart. Who knows some things about things.
  • Moon over Alabama - Now defunct, more overseas expat mil types.

Now that I have a choice, I run Macs and consult with poor sods who run Windows. Not that the Mac is perfect or anything, but it's close. The iPhone is another matter, a crippled insecure buggy POS. Unless you hack it yourself, then it becomes decent.

Reads here:

  • The Dell Mini9 OSX forums - Macs are great, but Cupertino won't make me a netbook for trips overseas.
  • iPhone Dev Team Blog - Along with 'Saurik' these are the guys who will help you secure your iPhone. It's not like the iPhone division at Apple cares about this.
  • i Phone Home - If you want to know how private your own data is on your iPhone.

Stay tuned. I'm sure that another Boomer calamity will happen that grinds my gears.

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