Sunday, May 22, 2011

NASSCOM Don on why the U.S. Technology Work Force Needs "Asian Influence"

Never waste a good comment, especially if it's from a NASSCOM sponsored blog like Mumbai NASSCOM Don Tennant's so-called 'IT Edge':
"Wow, Mumbai Don sinks to new lows for his NASSCOM employers:
1/ Whoring out his entire family on a shaky premise of 'Asian ethics'.. whatever that is.
2/ Considering Indians 'Asians' when they have more in common with Afghani Pashtuns than Chinese, Japanese or Koreans. INDIANS ARE NOT ASIANS. Figure it out, Donny Boy.
3/ Oh, and then there's the myth that Chinese and Indian universities & schools are 'superior'.. even Vivek Wadhwa can't make that pile of shit stand.
For being a general whore, I now dub you NASSCOM DON. Evermore. You can double down, try to promulgate this tripe, but no one is buying it.
Or forgetting this. Ever. Oh, and congratulations on besmirching whatever 'service' your sons did to this country by being an agent for a foreign power. Because that's what you are, Donny.Boy." 
(Via Why the U.S. Technology Work Force Needs the Asian Influence | Blogs |
The last time we heard this tripe was when the Japanese were high on the yen-weak dollar 90s. Are memories really that short? Do we need to be resold our OWN management practices? Because that's what the Chinese & Japanese use: Peter Drucker etc.

I'm guessing that NASSCOM is about ready to fire Don Tennant, if he's willing to pull shit out of thin air and whore his own family on a public blog. But hey, that's what lobbyists inside the beltway DO EVERY DAY. Some a little more privately than others.

At least with the likes of Indian nationals like my favorite sahib or 'da Jewz' of AIPAC I understand. But Don Tennant? I have nary a clue.

Drunky out.

PS. On behalf of all the 'anti-antis' I'm sorry for slighting the good name of the city of Mumbai. Better to label the foreign agent by his sponsor: NASSCOM. So solly.

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