Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Adam Curtis: "We're all Richard Nixon"

In the morning to you, kids...Uncle Drunky's been dipping into other people's media... fresh from Charlie Brooker's Newswipe Season 2, Ep 4, the UK TV show, comes this little gem from Adam Curtis, the BBC's senior current affairs geek, aka 'has all the keys to the BBC's film cans in the basement':

I really agree with him. Our politicians on either side of the ocean have been doing a good job of 'fearing us up'...making us compliant to whatever agenda or war they'd like us to fight today, whatever 2 inch fish we have to protect, whatever industry we have to sacrifice to the 3rd world... so...of COURSE this is the outcome. Suspicion, paranoia, malaise. Basically Jimmy Carter 2.0.

We're living back in the latter 70s. As designed. I don't remember much of it due to my age other than it SUCKED. But I guess it's what the Boomers (of the newly-communized USSA) want. The palace intrigue, horse trading, corruption and absurd crisis of the likes of the 'crotch bomber.' Bailouts. TARP.

It probably doesn't help that they baked their brains in the early 70s with acid and THC. I guess it's like home to them, depriving their children of their birthright, instead selling it down the road to the 3rd world as a 'bulwark against the inevitable'.. where are the new ideas?

Too bad Richard Nixon, no spoiled child Boomer by any account, was stigmatized for Watergate. His oftimes paranoid mentality was just what we needed in order to deal with the Chinese. Which we will have to. Again.

Seriously kids. Get into overseas media, and learn another language, preferably Chinese, if you want any truth. And learn to chase stuff like this DOWN.

The MSM in the USSA totally sucks the donkey 'nads.

Drunky out.

[There are a LOT of 'private DVDs' floating around Amazon due to no official distro from the BBC. Go to instead, search for 'Adam Curtis']

"The Power of Nightmares (ADAM CURTIS)"

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