Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Looks like Fusion Garage's JooJoo is PooPoo.

So, sad Mikey Arrington sold out to AOL. Boooooooring. What about that fight he was having with Chandra DipShitABlowHornCamelCode boy? It’s enough to make someone spend the rest of his life moping in a cube at AOL when the blogosphere uses you as a chew toy.

So, “win the future” happened? It’s ‘JooJoo’ follow up time — and I, your humble Drunky? I’m here to lulz ^h^h^h help.

Okay, here we go:

  1. Mader McChod issues a statement last year: “Poo Poo iz ded”

  2. Oooooh he shipped SOMETHING: Only 64 tablets “shipped”.

  3. It probably didn’t help that Priya Rai ^H ^H ^H okay not THAT gal but some intern at WIRED didn’t like it.

  4. And the ‘federal lawsuit is ongoing’ sez Huffypo.

  5. And the latest is that Fusion Garage is getting spanked over their so called ‘OS’ which is dum DUM DUM! GPL’d code that they don’t wanna share back.

  6. Another fine South Asian product ware o' vapor. So says Wikipedia, so say we all.

Mmmmmm…. Priya Rai. Hey, at least South Asia has ONE EXPORT I want.

-Drunky fap ^h^h^h out.

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