Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Raining Hindutva Desi Douchebags... I mean, Criminals

Before I launch into my next screed about the education bubble & college, this is one for all those H1B-wannabes who will 'pay' $20K+ to some dubious Desi so that they can pursue the so-called 'American Dream.'

Here's the message: The hippies in the US government have woken up. Youtube:

And the main story:

"DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- Two men, who ran a software company in Clinton, Iowa, are expected to be sentenced on charges they committed visa fraud to bring foreign workers to the U.S.

Fazal Mehmood and Viheet Maheshwari have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to make false statements and commit visa fraud in connection with several applications to bring foreign workers to the U.S. under H-1B Visas.

Mehmood and Maheshwari ran companies called Worldwide Software Services and Sana Systems.

Federal prosecutors say they applied for H-1B Visas for foreign workers that contained false statements about their jobs and work locations. For instance, they told the government that employees would be working as programmers and analysts, but those jobs did not exist after they arrived in the U.S.

Sentencing is Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Davenport."

(Via 2 men to be sentenced in work visa fraud case - Yahoo! Finance.)

When your Uncle Drunky was in East Asia, specifically China & Japan, he'd be out at night, in the rain, looking for an international phone to call home. 17-19 hour time difference and all.

Anyway, I'd sometimes have pidgin talk with the Philipinas, Africans, Iranians, and other slave labor that these Asian countries would bring in.

Stories like-

"I've got big debt back home with the loan sharks, about US$20K."

"They have my passport and handle everything. I have about four more years to pay off the debt. I've been here for six."

"I can't really talk about it to outsiders. If I do it'll be trouble for me."

These stories and more, being crammed 20 to a 6 person apartment, being moved around a lot, yes, I heard stories. The Jap Yakuza were the worst.

But one thing stood out: these folks chose freely, in their own countries, to be trafficked. And, once in the 'host country,' their choices became severely limited. But yes, some of these folks consented to be repeatedly trafficked. One of the repeaters I knew had a university education.

What I wrote about the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians? And how they deal with each other? Some of it came from these street level experiences back in the day that I'd rather forget.

So when I hear about these Desi Bodyshop Hindutva scum, and what they're doing: To their own people, and the results in my country I think just one thing: Prison or Deportation's too good for them.

Human Traffickers should be dealt with the way the Chinese deal with them: One bullet charged to the family, hold the 'M-1'.

It's also why an increasing number of Americans are raising questions against the Desi Donald Rumsfeld Vivek Wadwha, for promoting tripe like the 'Start Up VISA as if it were the 'American Dream'...

...when it ends in human trafficking and labor arbitrage.

-Drunky out.

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