Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ANOTHER Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal (Human Trafficking)

It's raining EVEN MORE Desi slimeballs in New York -- the official state of Indian corruption, second only to New Jersey. This time? An old 'Indian Innovation' called 'human trafficking' by any other name. But we'll get to that:

"Another Indian diplomat has been hit by charges of forced labour by domestic help taken from India. Prabhu Dayal, India's consul-general in New York, was slapped with a forced labour suit on Monday by a former housekeeper who complained that she was treated like a slave while working for him. Santosh Bharadwaj, 45, has filed for unspecified damages and her passport. Dayal has been consul-general since 2008. "

(Via Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal - The Times of India.)

Another, you ask? Why yes:

"Dayal joins his colleague Neena Malhotra who is fighting a similar battle against her former maid. Malhotra was also posted in the New York consulate. The increase in such cases against Indian diplomats in western countries is prompting MEA to do a rethink on compensating diplomats on overseas postings for their domestic help. "

(Via Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal - The Times of India.)

I've seen this kind of behavior in Japan & China. It's called human trafficking:

Start by posting a 'too good to be true' overseas job. Fly them over. What next?

The first thing done is to confiscate their passport.

The second thing done is to impose bone-crushing, years-long debt on them.

The third thing done is to threaten them to not talk. Usually threats against the family in the old country.

If you really want to get a feel about 'how normal' this is back in India, look to the comments. Try not to be 'blown away' by this version of 'Indian Innovation.'

And in case you were wondering, this is also how H1B 'body shops' retain their slaves as well. All alphabet VISAs aside, this is what you get. DO YOU EFFING HEAR ME USCIS?

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