Friday, July 08, 2011

Boomster Watch- A Hurricane of Debt, Deficit and Demographics is Coming! (

I suppose a whole buttload of GenX'ers and younger will be moving to Canadia after reading this:

"A hurricane of debt, deficit, and demographics is heading to the shores of all developed economies. With it will come high inflation rates, high costs for credit, low growth rates, and weakening developed country currency value. Ben Bernanke in a helicopter will not stop the hurricane’s devastating path. More stimulus packages will not stop it. Blaming the Chinese for lending us too much money will not stop it. Pretending that the storm isn’t coming will most assuredly not stop it.  It threatens to derail the lukewarm economic recovery and to alter forever the heretofore path of robust growth for the developed world. In a sense, debt, deficit, and demographics will reset the world to a “New Normal”. "

(Via Batten Down the Hatches: A Hurricane of Debt, Deficit and Demographics is Coming! :

If you thought the beginning was bad, try the ending:

As the country prepares for retiring Boomers (and the debt and deficits associated with them), it will also need to prepare for changing demographics—specifically, the adverse effects driven by the dramatic decline in the support ratio associated with an aging population. It is projected that the support ratio in developed countries will decline from 3.5 working age adults per retiree to below 2:1 by 2050. In comparison, in 1970, the support ratio was 5.3:1. By 2025, at the height of Boomer retirement cycle in the United States, there will be 10 new retirees for each new entrant into the workforce. Not only does the future appear unenviably poor in aggregate, it also appears predictably unproductive.

(Via Batten Down the Hatches: A Hurricane of Debt, Deficit and Demographics is Coming! :

Of course, none of this will end until the Boomers die alone, in the dark, in between H1B-slave enabled diaper changes. It's what they deserve for shredding the Constitution and getting us into 5 wars on abstraction and counting.

Oh Canadia...

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