Monday, January 18, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa: Playin' the Race Card, Smearin' the EFF

[UPDATE: The rebuttals by other folks are posted over at EndH1B and GuestWorkerFraud.]

Oh, my little sahib. Here I was, waiting with ‘bated breath’ to see what you would spring on us poor, lowly “Xenophobes” like yours truly. We cowered in our caves, waiting your mighty Desi wrath….

Instead of outlining WHY the New Jersey judge had a valid reason to shut down the Anti-H1B sites, basically your ‘explosive column’ at TechCrunch was an ignorant rail against the EFF, a Tunnel Rat lovefest, a ‘fair & white man’s burden’ —basically a non-sequitor ‘jugaad’ of a screed than a thoughtful analysis of the facts.

I said as much in this comment:

Actually the entire article from my little sahib is content-free from the matter at hand: That Tunnel Rat, despite his so-called ‘reprehensible’ views was shielding an H1B slave from the wrath of his slaveowner(s).

And that a New Jersey judge overstepped his bounds.

It’s nice to have an ATTENTION SPAN. Something which you, as well as my little sahib tend to lack in matters such as these.

[From How The EFF Lost Its Way By Defending Hate Mongers And Tunnel Rats]

David, another commenter wanted to know why my little sahib devoted so much byte-age to the non-sequitor to the case actions of ‘Tunnel Rat’. In a ‘culled from the site for its clarity’ comment I said:

“David, you have to understand that BollyCrunch turned this column over to Vivek, and Vivek decided devote MOST of his column to the spirited writings of Tunnel Rat.

I also find it funny that my little sahib is so ham-handedly trying to equate TR’s writings with ‘hate speech’ like that would even matter– it’s still protected speech.

Finally, I guess it takes a racist to know a racist? If you look at the loooooooong rich “history” and “culture” of India, you’ll find that they have 1000s of years of “racism” under their collective belts, and that they are SUCH GOOD NEIGHBORS with their friends in Pakistan and China.

Oh, my irony needle hath broken from the meter. An old, refined ‘racist’ lecturing a young pup like Tunnel Rat, in his own country, on “racism” and “free speech” when his own mother country has heaps of the former and none of the latter.”

And, of course, from another comment culled from the site for its ‘sequitor’:

“And in this case, the APEX case, the ‘1 bad page’ in question was a citation from an *H1B worker* who had showcased the corrupt practices of the aforementioned bodyshop. Citation was fair-use from another website, ImmigrantVoice if my memory serves me. Of course NONE of these ‘facts’ matter in this smear piece from my little sahib.

It’s ironic that the page containing the citation that got TR’s site taken down was PROTECTING THE RIGHTS of a worker. Like it mattered that he came from overseas to be paid slave wages and take an American job. Or that TR has an anti-H1B agenda, and that was the reason for posting.

Why didn’t the other, more “vile” pages of TR’s site matter?

Simply because, the slave shop in question *knew* that what they were doing was illegal and did not want their actions brought to light.

I guess I should put ‘allegedly’ in front of all this text and not write in the style of my little sahib, but, I haven’t had my 1st cup of coffee, and like he, I’m in an intellectually lazy, broadbrushing mood where the facts don’t matter anyway. At least not in this current column that my little sahib has penned.

At any rate, the EFF’s call was spot on. So, who’s next? Wikileaks? Cryptome?”

Finally there’s the question of your bombastic yellow journalism ploy of invoking the holocaust and the ‘n-word’ in your post? On the eve of MLK Day? Given that the audience for this trite little piece was the American people, didn’t you just show yourself to be just as insensitive as the class clown of the Anti-H1B movement, Tunnel Rat?

So, once again, my little sahib, I’m a bit disappointed that you think the values of your older mother country take precedence over the 1st amendment of the United States.

Manners! What would your peers at Duke say?

“Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior, Freshly Updated” (Judith Martin)

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