Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Boomer Dumbass enters the Fray: Don Tenant [updated]

[UPDATE for 2010.01.21: Don Tenant spews again. And I break my own rule. Oh. fsckin' well.]

Let the great ranty smegging begin-

The dumbass in question goes by the name "Don Tenant." He's about as literate as Sarah Lacey, but can't seem to turn a phrase like she occasionally lucks out in doing. Anyway, he seems to be the resident shill for India, Inc. Or willfully obtuse. You be the judge.

In fact, as far as unreadability goes, he ties with Ellen Brandt, Piled Higher & Deeper for long winded content-free Vogon prose. Both of these former love children are in desperate need of "The Elements of Style". As well as a reality check.

I get to read his drivel so you don't have to. Thank me later, plodding thru his tripe is a CHORE-- Seriously, every piece of drivel he writes can easily be rebutted in 2 sentences or LESS:

[UPDATE]: The American Dream Need Not Be Realized in America

No, then it would be called "the (country xxx) dream." DUMBASS. If all these super geniuses are the best and the brightest, why don't they effect change in their own countries? If borders do not matter? Oh yeah, that's right. You want cheap slaves to fund your retirement when the dollah implodes and we do the Argentina watusi. Right.

Sorry folks, this new one violated my 2 sentence rule. Now to the older ones:

Very Bad Idea of the Week: Google Abandoning China

...not if it makes sense to their bottom line, DUMBASS. Especially if their whole office staff reports to the Chinese government. DUMBASS.

Non-Compete Agreements: Likely Unfair, More Likely Enforceable

...not if you live in California, DUMBASS. It helps to actually know the Uniform Commercial Code, DUMBASS.

Lesson for H-1B Haters: Libel Will Get You Nowhere

...only if you know what libel MEANS, DUMBASS. Seriously. Read some lawbooks before you expound. It also helps if you don't avoid the subject at hand, DUMBASS. As a number of commenters pointed out, DUMBASS.

Yes, Age Discrimination Is Worse in IT Than in Other Fields

...only because DUMBASSES like you hire young, cheap overseas SLAVES. DUMBASS.

Level-Headedness 101: How to Be Heard on the H-1B Question

...yeah, write a blog about it, DUMBASS. Also, try to have a comment system that threads.

Age Discrimination in IT: At Least the Pain Is Shared

...and let's all sing kumbayah, DUMBASS. See 2 entries up as to why everyone would be pissed off at you, DUMBASS.

We Owe It to Our Kids to Get Over the H-1B Hang-Up

..and write long, plodding tripe about the obvious, DUMBASS. You tried this before too:

Mamas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Tech Pros that they can be nice little slaves? You mean, H1Bs aren't good enough to nurse you to the next world? Your kids first, DUMBASS. Oh yeah, that's right. Your generation was too busy having fun to have any.

Seriously. There are enough OTHER insipid Boomers vying for 'detached Guru'. We don't need another DUMBASS in the mix like Don Tenant. I'd rather read the Vogon prose of Sarah Lacey.

As always when you're forced to read twats like this dope, it's better to just scroll straight to the comments. On Macs, I highly recommend Cmd-down.arrow or the END key. Seriously, if you think I'm being harsh on this old hippy you should read the comments.

I live in hope that Boomers who sink to this level of illiteracy can be replaced by.. say, a well written Python script and an RSS feed to chomp.


And in other news, Hippyrina is now a Centrist. Of course she's still as shrill and neo-con as ever. Booooooooring.

And now I go to bleach my brain. Probably with a few hours of Japanese tentacle porn.

Mentok out.

[Something for Donny Dumbass & Hippyrina]

"The Best Of Dear Abby" (Van buren)

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