Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa: TechCrunch Hacked. Again. E tu, Clubkids?

Oh, so *that's why* all my little pearls of wisdom 'disappear' from my little sahib's posts:

RT @yanguang: Watch for missing comments? I smell conspiracy> Maybe the comments will come back now! :)
about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

TechCrunch hacked again.
about 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

[From vivek wadhwa (vwadhwa) on Twitter]

So, my little sahib, lemme get this straight. Your clubkids, with their offshore datacenters running the same 'dependable' web 2.0 technology will save the State of California. Yups.

Whoever the yob is, who we'll elect next term, if they take the bait-- I think it's gonna be Gray Davis 2.0. You know, brown-outs, floating barges of something in SFBay, et cetera. 'Powerless' to stop arbitrage by Enron like entities out of state, or in this case, out of country... I could go on...

What a delightful compliment to the one-term reincarnation of Jimmy Carter we currently have at the Federal level.

Mentok out.

[I realize Unix is like not sexay to my little sahib. Even so, maybe he can buy this for sad Mikey Arrington and his web 2.0 enabled 'platform' that keeps going down]

"Practical Unix & Internet Security, 3rd Edition" (Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford PH.D., Alan Schwartz PH.D.)

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