Monday, January 25, 2010

What to Expect From Apple’s Tablet Unveiling | Gadget Lab |

So. Here are my predictions for the day after tomorrow's "Apple Event":

Posted by: srrojo | 01/25/10 | 5:49 am
My predictions to add to Brian’s ones.. sorry, can’t slam the clubkid this time.. Here we go; 1/ the cheaper LCD to keep the price down; 2/ 32-64 gig SSD 3/ The return of INK. That’s right kids, the Newton handwriting technology, in addition to a scaled up iPhone keyboard. Maybe some haptic feedback or rumble action. 4/ Network ‘pairing’ with an iPhone either via BlueTooth or WiFi channel, in iPhone/iPad OS4. This may be hacked by the jailbreakers, tho. But for the common non-technical yob, this, along with the price point of somewhat painful $600 - 800 will spell SALE to most folks. All you guys saying ‘no sale’? Hah, Uncle Steve knows how to make you grit your teeth and bend over. Hah.

[From What to Expect From Apple’s Tablet Unveiling | Gadget Lab |]

Ink is the old evolved from the Newton handwriting technology. I think that this will NOT require a stylus, because you can 'hand write' Chinese characters RIGHT NOW on your funky multi-touch trackpad on any newer MacBook or Pro. Uncle Steve NEVER throws technology away, unlike SOME companies I know who do not even deserve mention in this post.

Unc was also talking about 'media hubs' and all that nice stuff. So he wants his devices linking to each other and 'interlocking' like old Robber Barons did with their directorates. Only these are his devices, and he wants to build market share on his HARDWARE. Remember, Apple is a HARDWARE company. So have a feature that links Apple devices to share the network. What's Apple's best selling device, EVAR? Bueller? The iPhone. So the tablet either has access to your iPhone's data account OR it pairs, either via WiFi or most likely via Bluetooth to tether, or as Unca' Steve will call it, 'pairing'.

Finally, I think two things: Uncle Steve is going to surprise us. I think the cool, non-technical kids are going to eat this up, but I also think for us more geeky folks we're going to have to wait until 2015. Just sayin'.

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