Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thieves, Liars, "Pirates" and the MAFIAA Dicking the Military

Hey kids, it’s ur Uncle Drunky. Again. After my last screed about pirates, Windows, and jailbreaking, one of you guys (actually that guy, Saurik himself, and another guy) wrote me back. And then, after 200+ bunch of fuckwits stole Sean Kovacs’ $1.99 GV Mobile + app which caused me to barf this on a warez board.. I gots to thinkin’….

Oh, and then this bullshit happened:

Being posted overseas in the military without the companionship of friends or family is hard enough, but being separated from entertainment makes things even harder. After letters written to the RIAA, MPAA and media outlets fell on deaf ears, an insider at a US base has revealed that a campaign is underway to download as much as possible.

[From US Military BitTorrent Users Targeted By MPAA/RIAA | TorrentFreak]

Seriously. Go to Torrentfreak and taste the bullshiat stew the MAFIAA’s cookin’. Messing with our folks in the military, some of whom have been deployed 5+ times executing the foreign policy of LIARS and CHICKENHAWKS are being treated worse than private citizens. And here I thought that the US Gov’t constituent pecking order of foreigner numbah 1, US citizen numbah 2 was it.

Nope. You can add “US soldier and their dependents, fighting for our country” numbah 10 as well.

Seems the only stable jobs in the USA right now are LIAR (incumbent politician) and THIEF (MBA, Bankster, Content.Bunny). Actually, if you think about it, we’re all ‘thieves’. We ‘steal from the publishing industry’ when we go to the library, we ‘steal from broadcasting / recording industry’ when we swap tapes and CDs (and burn2file), etc. Almost everybody ‘time shifts’ TV either via DVR or bittorrent. But we’re all amateurs.

It’s just that some folks take thieving to pro level and make it a career— they’re in the entertainment industry and politics.

And it certainly takes one to know one. But I’ll get to that.

So what if this happened on a Japanese base?? Not everyone thinks Japan is the shit, some would call it a ‘hardship post’.. I mean, Japanese is an Altaic language, and to the uninitiated, their culture is freaky to say the least. I know folks in Japan on base and it’s a lonely little island-within-an island to them. And they’re there for YEARS. Bigtime cabin fever.

The other interesting thing is this:

TorrentFreak is informed that when personnel are deployed, they have access to sanctioned “Morale” hard drives which are allegedly filled with copyright materials acquired by “nefarious” means, and available for anyone to download and keep.

[From US Military BitTorrent Users Targeted By MPAA/RIAA | TorrentFreak]

I can confirm this and leave you with a mind blower: In every shop I’ve worked at or consulted in, there’s ALWAYS been a hidden server filled with TERABYTES of the ‘good stuff’. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Their excuses are that they’re ‘in the industry’ or ‘hey, you should see the collection over at ‘x corp” are basically the same excuses I see over at XSellize or anywhere else with the kids.

And the entertainment (MPAA / RIAA) and software industries (BSA) are the worst. Second only to the CHICKENHAWK incumbent politicians that have been stealing our lives & money in wars that are low on mission and high on agenda for the past 10 years. Washington DC might as well be renamed GTA, USA.

It takes a thief to know one. But back to the smaller time operators, oh yes..

I mean, these yobs grew up dubbing cassettes & VHS tapes, were first to burn CDs and ‘comp’ copies of shit all over the place. On the tech side they grew up trading floppies of 8-bit porn like ‘Custer’s Revenge’ and shit like that. Hopping on Ma Bell’s phone trunks and calling Zaire & China for free just to say ‘Hi’.

Do you think they stopped doing this? Nopez. In the entertainment industry they cop ‘intellectual property’ and remix it to make shit like this. It’s freaking noooormal and common if you’re ‘in the industry’.

If you go to a trade show today, what do you think is all the wireless traffic bopping around? The head sales / marketing guy, who bought his own WiFi router so that he can STEAL paid internet from the Hotel, and “share” not only the connection— but probably a few gigs of MP3s and MP4s that he ripped from NetFlix for the trip with his little team.

The ‘good stuff’ from the office. Times ten times ten times ten for every vendor there.

So when the MAFIAA or the BSA cries their little cry of poor mouth, as an 'old' and one of their age group, I just give them the dour eye. Fuckin' professional career THIEVES.

And when some disingenuous dumbass Boomer who supports offshoring yet wants my kids ‘to compete with the global labor market’ in IT he gets the finger. My kids. NOT YOURS, DonnieBoy.

My point is that it’s not an easy thing to draw a line. You youngs are where we used to be, so that’s why there’s some empathy from the little guys like Sean and yet, ruthless smiting from the cartels / MBAs / politicians. There *should* be no free lunch.

That’s *why* I proposed to Saurik, etc that maybe stopping Windows development on jailbreaking might be a good idea. It’s a macro- type hammer that solves a number of problems:

It would force the youngs to actually learn what goes into jailbreaking and get some appreciation. It might also deprive some $$$$ from a buncha career thievin’ bastards who originally stole from Uncle Steve and Xerox PARC, and make our lives miserable with software that’s now mostly produced offshore.

You gotta love ‘the major software corporations & standing members of the BSA. They steal our time with shitty software and our jobs every time they have a layoff and then apply those dollahs in China & India. To perpetuate the cycle of ‘thievin”.

Mentok out.

[If you think makin’ Appz is sooo easy, start with this]

“C Programming Language (2nd Edition)” (Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie)

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