Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IFPI Loses “Deep-Linking” Case Against Baidu (via TorrentFreak)

BAIDU is Google's competition in the PRC. Isn't this nice timing?

What did I just say about 'all your IP are belong to China?'

In 2008, Baidu was sued for around $9 million by Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music for providing so-called “deep-links” to copyright music tracks. A court has now ruled that providing search results does not breach copyright law, clearing China’s biggest search engine of wrong-doing.

[From IFPI Loses “Deep-Linking” Case Against Baidu | TorrentFreak]

Can't say I'm very empathetic nor sympathetic about the MAFIAA going against and losing to the Chinese. If they want the WORST the United States has to offer, I say give it to them.

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[this seems very apropo]

"Year Zero" (Nine Inch Nails)

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