Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Drunky Doctrine: How to Clean Up the Boomster / India Problem

Y'know, your Uncle Drunky gets tired of the Boomsters and their 'it's your mess now, GenXYZ, clean it up and let me retire' BS. Retire from what? The offshoring of the USA? Your perpetual wars you expect us to fight? Your impending but never happening 'retirement'?

Basically, we need to clean house and start with the Boomsters, the cancer of our country. You think tha Banksters are the problem? Who are they? Boomers. The bad seed, as my father would say. With 'friends' like Mumbai Don Tenant and demented Carly 'red eye' Fiorina, who needs enemies?

Okay, here's how we'll clean up the USA. I call this the Drunky Doctrine -- Basically it's this: Dismantling the BoomsterIndia Clusterfuck (ie offshoring all US tech & govt to India), Giving India if not all of South Asia to China, and finally either making the Boomsters self sufficient or allowing them to emigrate from the US.


The first thing we have to do is dismantle the whole BoomsterIndia Clusterfuck. This will take about 5 years, and it involves enacting the same protectionist policies that every other country in the world imposes on us. Like: 300% levy on any US corporation that outsources or offshores jobs; A 200% levy on any foreign students coming into our university systems, et cetera. Sorry kids, free lunch is OVER.

Any US Corporation that disincorporates or "leaves the USA" is not allowed to come back for 10 years. Or pays a hefty fine. No more of this dumb MSFT 'lower our taxes or we move' blackmail from Ballmer. Ever.

Besides, why would Indian & Chinese youngs 'innovate' for the USA? They still have a national identity, and that identity is with their own countries. That's why they 'go home'.. so if they're going to learn from us it should cost them dearly.

Furthermore, why is our personal & financial data offshore with a potentially hostile power? Or as I know them as an inevitably hostile power?


Secondly, since the Boomsters spent the last 12 years making the US into a national socialist/fascist State, and putting us in debt with Wars on Abstractions, we should kill 2 birds with 1 rock. Wind down these abstract wars and then wind them back up with clear missions. No mission? No war. Simple as that.

Cut a deal with China, who holds 20% of our GDP. Yup, China. It's pretty simple, really. The deal is to forgive all US debt; in exchange they can have India and the entire South Asian region under their 'sphere of influence'. What does this accomplish? A number of things, least of all being the next time you have an offshore vendor it's China. A choice of low quality rather than no quality (that being India).

Also, China gets an entire coastline (of India) as a warm water port. Dispensing with that whole 'Malacca Strait' thing. I'm sure they'll do a better job of going after natural resources than the Bharat Uppity Casters who run the joint now. And keep changing sides. E tu Chindia?

China's already moving, planning on permanent bases in Pakistan, basically to make a move on India in the next 5 years. Why not just cut the difference and get rid of a bad ally like India who can't choose a side anyway?

China just forgave most of the Iraqi debt in exchange for access to their oil reserves. Guess what? The Chinese are all about forgiveness if there's something in it for them. And if they're dealing with honorable partners, which.. in the case of the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations, they're not. After Nixon opened the door with China, we didn't have much trouble with them until the end of the Clinton administration. Ask yourselves why.

Don't worry, China(s). We're voting out all of the parasites on our side, starting in 2012. If we know what's good for us.

Sooner or later, we're going to have to 'get real' with China. We might as well accelerate the process because dicking around with making India some kind of 'bulwark against Communism' --when they're just going to betray us later ain't cutting it, children. You can read all about India's checkered past with Communism (Nehru), and Russia in Wikipedia if you don't believe me. India really is parasite on the US economy, they're not useful except for what they are now -- offshore wage slaves -- and destroyers of our money supply.

And by 'getting real' with the PRC, I mean dealing with China as what they are -- an equal partner with the same problem we have -- Muslim extremism. China needs to get their hands dirty in India and Pakistan. It won't go well for the upper castes in India but I think the Pakistanis will play ball. If not they get a taste of governance, Chinese style. If you want to crush something you need a hammer (the USA in Afghanistan) and an anvil (the Chinese in Pakistan) to get the job done. Why wait until the 2050s for this to occur?

Oh, and dear PRC. Please calm down about Taiwan. Some of us get it, even if the yobs in the Whitehouse currently don't.


Now to our own domestic wealth destroyers, the Boomsters.

SSI and Medicare sunset with anyone born previous to 1953. The OLD OLDs worked hard for it and deserve our respect. Their kids, however, deserve something else.

"Foreign Income Exclusion" is hereby repealed. If you're anyone but a Boomster, and have to go overseas because there's no job in the USA for you due to the BoomsterIndian Fiasco, you're free to go. And come back, except as outlined above with corporations. As it is with any other country in the world except the US, currently. Bonus: You come back with a foreign language or two and now know how foreigners regard us. And who your friends & enemies are.

The monolingual 'never been to any place but Canada' Boomster Chickenhawks can go overseas to help rebuild all the countries and undo the damage they have done. We can form what's call 'The Chickenhawk Peace Corp' so that everyone understands why. Oh, and the "Foreign Income Exclusion" is on for them. Go, learn a language, earn dough, and pay back YOUR debt to the country.

Since they want to be 'so Green', and should lead by example, all Boomsters and Government employees are responsible for their own power consumption. Screw this green windmill crap-- with all the obese Boomsters and bureaucrats, I want a treadmill at every desk-- EVERY DESK. Free liposuction, as fat is combustible.

Any Boomster who can't pay their debts goes into receivership, and probably a state owned poorhouse. With a treadmill. They get to do 4 hours a day on the belt to pay for the other 20 they'll be sitting around. In fact, I want smart meters skin grafted to every Boomster and any surplus joules put back into the power grid.


The Internet is put on the 'leave it alone' list the way it was prior to 1995. Any and all file sharing is allowed, because that's that the 'net is FOR, baby. All Internet taxes in any state are REPEALED. And we get back to teaching OUR youngs how it works so that THEY can take care of their end of it.

The stimulus money needs to go bye bye. As do most of the tax codes. Basically America needs a change. Away from the tired old systems that benefit the unworthy. And by unworthy I mean the Boomsters.

I'm really hoping that the military folks that have been serving OVER 5 plus tours of duty can come home. Help us fix this mess. And toss the old chickenhawk & Boomster bums OUT.

Now y'all go'way, and let poor Uncle Drunky read Zero Hedge....

Drunky out.

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