Monday, February 01, 2010

Called it! Google has a Chinese Staff Problem

Hah. Well, DUH. Google has a China problem. And it's OBVIOUSLY the staff. Why else would you close an office? Or threaten to do so? To 'not be evil?' Yeah, riiiiiiiight.

Google China hacks 'a possible inside job' - Telegraph

Google China insiders may have helped with attack | InSecurity

Google investigating own workers for China cyber attack

..and finally, sad Mikey Arrington's buh-log can't even ignore it.

Google China Employees Given Holiday Leave, Networks Being Scrutinized

Seriously kids, go back and read my whole thing on China v. India v. Japan, Inc. Read it, understand it, live it, and realize that your Uncle Drunky has dealt with these folks before, & will not candyass you. These folks, especially the Chinese are *not messing around*.

You can jibba jabba about IP addresses, attack vectors, syslogs, and all that, but it's obvious. If uid 0 is a Chicom Cadre, he can gin anything up on any machine that's needed. Also, investigations that extend to other countries and jurisdictions are sloooooow. And don't you think the 'hackers' understood that??

To any homies I have at Google: You guys should KNOW BETTER. You guys wield the systems and secrets of that generate the GDP of a small country. YOU ARE A SMALL COUNTRY. Multinational is a BS term.

Shanghai was an Embassy. Are you surprised that the help was spying on you?

You guys NEED to conduct yourselves like a country, seeing as you have the moxy of a small one. Say, Bahrain. Maybe you need to do a Monacco and hire some spooks like ERINGER.

I vigilantly remain, yours,

-Uncle Drunky

"Practical Unix & Internet Security, 3rd Edition" (Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford PH.D., Alan Schwartz PH.D.)

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