Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End of Influence: What Happens [UC Berkeley Prof gets an Advance]

So, Alternet posts this article Stephen S Cohen (who? Oh, another yob from UC Berkeley like Vivek Wadhwa) about how we're giving away our ducat to the 3rd world, basically China & India. Talk about painfully obvious; I just had to comment:

I humbly recommend the Drunky Doctrine, since the Neo-(Whoever.Boomers) are out of ideas:

Simple. The Boomers are trying to mess with China by beefing up India. Old, tired coldwar idea.

We need to go Protectionist like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY and then move from there.

Dismantle the whole ’ship everything, including our $$$$ off to China and India’.

Impose tariffs not only on Imports, but imported students and labor. BIG tariffs.

Why aren’t we cashing in? Because the Neo Cons and Libs are MORONS.

We don’t have a ’Bankster’ problem. We have a ’Boomster’ problem. Basically a generation that spurned their parents and eat their young. They are a cancer on our society.

[Comment on The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have America's Money | World | AlterNet]

We wouldn't have this problem if more of the money supply STAYED INSIDE THE COUNTRY. When did balance of trade go out the window for these yobs?

There. Now you don't have to read that stuffy tenured-professor tome. In fact, don't even kill the tree for this, I'm sure it'll show up in Google Docs or be a PDF in your Trashcan, really really soonish. Seriously:

Get our kids into the pipeline, and start double and triple charging foreigners for our knowledge. That should give the Universities enough money unless the faculty or volleyball team gets into a sexual harassment lawsuit and has to pay hush-hush. Think that won't happen at any Uni? There's a little site called 'texting while intoxicated' l'd like to show you. Hah.

Furthermore, war is inevitably coming. We need to choose the winning horse, that is, China. And cut a deal. As Cohen mentions offhandedly, we're into China bigtime-- how do you erase that kind of debt?

Either cut a deal with the lender or destroy them. It works ALL THE TIME. Just look at the last 200 years of our country and what we did inside our borders and out. China still can't project power much beyond theirs. We can change that either way. Having them as a partner and an ally is less painful. And they know it.

Anyway, Powell's writeup is actually less of a yawner than Alternet's excerpt of the tome itself.

I wonder if the Neo-Libs of Alternet will take this to heart? I'm thinking... no, because they're still hung up on the woof-woof of Red versus Blue, demonizing anyone remotely conservative, neo or no. This ONE article was like a rare breath of fresher than stale air.

The tedious red v blue thing is a tired football's time to play another game entirely.

Drunky out.

[Not that you'd actually read it.. but here it is]

"The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have the Money" (J. Bradford DeLong, Stephen S. Cohen)

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2Truthy said...

*****Five Cases of Schlitz Award

...goes to Drunky, a lush after my own not so easily amused heart. Fabulous post.

All the right stuff, especially about those pompous “scholarly” polecats with books and websites who write a whole lot of windbaggery that says nada.

Now, for a little singing practice to the choir: Why hasn't the past 20 years of H-1B visa/student visa outsourcing/insourcing and half-baked trade policies bring us prosperity as advertised? Why have we allowed imports (think the HUMAN serfy kind as well as Wal-Mart brand here) increased so exponentially more than exports? (OK – our exports have been OUR jobs...) Why did the U.S. allow our trade deficit to uncontrollably trail off into the sunset? Why did our BIPARTISAN, plutocratic corporate and political policy poofters of both parties sell out our manufacturing base and then our white collar base? Where are these “scholarly” geniuses of, as you note, the Fraudwha persuasion to start kicking ass and taking names? We are perpetually treated to 24/7 fetid media weasels who blather about NOTHING straight out of the Seinfeld School of Journalism playbook.

So China's now all pissy over the Taiwanese weapons deal and is kicking the gong around about calling in the debt? (Remember, the Chinese have been doin' politics for 5,000 years so big deal) Why doesn't the U.S. just hit the reset button with China? Fuck 'em. What the hell. They need us. But I don't know how much longer the U.S. can go on issuing bonds and playing around with the money printing press without creating some wealth again here at home and investing in our people (jobs, anyone?)

Of the subject at hand, I would point you to an interesting, follow the money and all that article on the Israel/India alliance that might explain why the U.S. *officially* prefers to position itself as India's “strategic ally.”

Keep up the great posts. -t.t.