Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Memory of Joe Stack.

Not much more to say than what I said here:

GI Joe Stack did what ANY Engineer put in a corner WOULD. He focused on HIS problem and made HIS point. In my book I can empathize with his plight, and his point is well taken. If anything he raised the awareness of how desperate NORMAL people have become, and how little our minders *cough* sorry, our *government* holds us in any regard.

Tonight I intend to kill a bottle in the memory of Joe Stack. You can do whatever you want. It’s still a free country, right??

[From Stack’s Company Web Site Traces Path From CA To Austin | TPMMuckraker]

There are two things I'm VERY sure of, having known the silent type of engineers like Joe Stack -- you know, the guys who work long hours into the night, making sure your software and internets work, only to be cast off later in life:

He had exhausted all other options, and it was obvious that he thought this was the only way out. His writing in the letter is VERY concise and to the point as to what ailed him and why. PAY ATTENTION.

My sympathy is with his family.

Mentok out.

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James said...

Can anyone on this provide the exact code section in the Internal Revenue code that creates any Federal tax liability for individuals? If not, then I think we all have to admit that while disagreeing with Joe's solution, his argument and motives were 100% spot on.