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Indian non-H1B Veteran Geek smegs on H1Bs

Wow, interesting if true, which it probably is. Old Indian who earned his bones in Silly Valley taking a big dump on his poseur / cheating / fakeass countrymen. Which is, like, at least half of them [pdf]. But hey, it can't be 'racist' if it's your own homies, right?: [until expires]

re:re Indians in Bay Area (sunnyvale)

Date: 2009-10-04, 7:22PM PDT

Indians in Silicon Valley don’t innovate ANYTHING! They are conceited arrogant parasite shysters who have turned good businesses to shit when attempt to manage them. Businesses like Sun Microsystems, AMD, and dozens of others are nothing now because of Indian mis-management. Many of you people are being sold out so fast its enough to make ones head spin. Your future now is next to nil and all you sheeple can do now is bitch about the lamest talking points of the day. Anywhere else people would be in revolt and fighting for their livelihoods yet a healthy majority of Californians’ remain in ignorant bliss like pigs in zen. You should consider changing your state motto to ‘taking it where the sun doesn’t shine’ and deserve the 2nd class citizen future you get for being the apathetic consumer whores many of you have become. What a bunch of dumb ass passive-aggressive pussies the bay area has become.

Downsizing and outsourcing

I have been reading and hearing the stories about outsourcing and downsizing. Here is my story. I want to keep myself anonymous, as my story did not go out of our four walls.

I migrated to US about 22 years ago from India. In India I tried for 6 years to find a job after finishing my Masters degree. Because of rampant corruption, nepotism, political infuences (which I was lacking, and aginst my concious) I could not find a job. Then God listened to my prayers and I got an opportunity to come to this Land of Opportunity. After I came here, I was facinated by computers and technology, which I had never even seen a key board in India, and pursued my career. I worked $3 an hour to finance my ambitions.

I finished my BS, and MS Computer Science and positoned in a good job. I was even pursuing my Ph.D in Computer science. But all of a sudden these Indian labor started flooding here. They do not have a formal degree in computers, all they have is a one month programming training in some garage. Some of them not even have college degree and started making more money ( $80 - $100 an hour). I was frustrated with the situation and questioned myself that why I am wasting time in doing Ph.D, and making much lower salary than those high school graduates, and I dropped out.

In the mean time Indian colleges realized the computer boom and introduced a new program called 'Master in Computer Applications (MCA)' which is a one year diploma after high school. Indians started taking this course, and convinced US corporations that they have Masters degree in computer science. US corporations thought they are getting an MCA (Masters) for cheaper rate than what they are paying to BS computer science programmer, and started replacing them. At workplace where I used to work 9 out of 12 team members are H1-B Indians. They literally shine my manager's shoes. Because the company has to sponsor their green cards. They lie about qualificatins and experience. One guy said he has been in Computer field since 1983 in India. In India there were no PCs until 1987. The term 'computer program' was never heard there until 1988. Another "software engineer's" resume says he has been working as a software engineer since 1995 in Bank One. But his passport shows his date of entry to US as 1998. I have scores of such examples about these so called H1-B software engineers and their qualifications. "An Honest H1-B Indian" is good oxymoran in English language.

My wife and I have two masters degrees each in computer science, and engineering. Our combined salary was $230K till October 2003. One fine morning, the bomb (downsize) exploded- we both got laid off on the same day (we were working for different corporations). Today, our income is 'ZERO'. We could not even find minimum wage jobs. We are victims of outsourcing. No third soul knows about situation. Because it spreads fastly to back home and to old age parents.

I was interviewed couple of times by TCS, and Wipro, and they almost offered me the job. But the minute I told them that I am US Citizen, they said their project was on hold. So far I have not heard even single H1-B guy who is unemployed. Downsizing is effecting only US citizens. In my case, I was replaced by a H1-B. These Indian outsourcing companies are bribing the IT managers and successfully get their job done. The prime element that drove me out of India (corruption), is agin drove me out of my job.

I am ashamed of myself to call I am an Indian

I have now been "unemployed" for 12 months after having been replaced by H1B and L-1 workers at the company I was working.

After working for 18 years as a Senior Analyst/Test Lead Programmer, I was called into my managers office at an Insurance Company in Hartford, and introduced to 5 Indian programmers from COGNIZANT SYSTEMS, INDIA. I was told that I was to teach these people everything I knew about the system I was working on. This same situation was presented to 2 other U.S citizens who started working at the company the same time as me. They too had to "hand over" their systems.

After three months, these Indian programmers were able to run the system without my assistance,...and my job was TERMINATED. These Indian programmers were on L-1 visas and their team leader on a H1B. When I asked management why the jobs of the THREE non-Indian workers (me and two associates), were being terminated, whilst the Indians were being kept on,...I was told to "WATCH IT". (i.e my question supposedly had "racial" overtones). All these Cognizant programmers are still working at the company, and driving brand new Toyota Camry's,..while I sit at home battling to find work and worrying about how to pay the rent.

This state of affairs has continued in full force at United Health Care, where Perm-Staff, Green Card Holders, Naturalized and born U.S Citizens have been replaced by Indians. Even Chinese and Russians workers were given the boot and replaced by Indians. It seems that the only requirement for keeping your job,....IS TO BE INDIAN.
I have written to my State Representatives and Joined TORAW in the vain hope that something be done about this situation.

I think it is NOT just the HIB visa that is killing local employment. It (jobs discrimination against locals) is everywhere.

First of all about me. I am 34, have a 4 yr professional engineering degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and am working in IT since 1995. I started my IT life from repairing PCs (yes I did soldering), then moved to networking in Netware 3.x, then Windows NT/2000, Novell Netware 5.x, 6.0. and Linux/ FreeBSD. I do perl scripting in my spare time as a hobby.I do firewall administration, router configuration, intrusion detection, server migration etc etc. With years of experience, and hands on, you can categorise me as a veteran expert.

For the past 2 years, I am trying to get a new job as I am unhappy with my present job and pay. Expect the result! For the 1000 or so applications I sent out, I did NOT get a single offer for an interview even. Shocked! Later my friends told me that, I need certifications. So I completed my MSCE2000, CNE5, CCNA, MCDBA. (side note: all were easy to me, as I know the stuff. Remmeber I am working for 8 years in IT, and I study one to two hour per day after work. (I like to learn!) I can get more [A-Z][A-Z]...[A-Z] if the new company wants it, in a short notice.

Mm, even now the situation is same. Now if i get a rare reply to my job applications, it is like "you are over-qualified for this job' although I am ready to take that job for THAY pay they give an Indian!.

But, companies are hiring Indians and Indians only. They are young (most in their mid 20s), and are being hired by MNC for good posts like senior consultant etc. If you speak nice to them you will learn that his/her degree is in biology or any and then he did some 6 months course at some 'institute'. I would like to say that in India, you can get an engineering degree at some 'college' no matter your performance in high school provided that you have money. (Exceptions shall be a few like IIT). There is no strict (or even slack) admission criteria for institutions providing degrees in India.

How do they get jobs?

(1) There is a prejudice against non Indians. PHBs think that you have to be an Indian to work in IT.

(2) There are some illegal kickbacks in hiring. Once one Indian friend promised to find me job, provided that I pay the first 4 months salary to the agency. He says, a 'part' will goto the hiring manager of the company.

(3) Once an Indian becomes to a hiring position, he will not hire anyone BUT indians. (This is patriotism as per Indians)

(4) Indians never say 'I do not know'. You ask whether he can do 'ANY JOB', he will boast 'he has been doing it for years' although he may not know what he is talking about. Remeber, even I, after years of experience and learning, say that " I did not do it previously, but I can refer to this and do it. " . Idiot Managers do NOT like answers like this.

TELL ME WHERE SHALL I BANG MY HEAD. For the time being I use my table. Bang, bang!

Sam Prasad.

(I am not Indian, but of Indian root !!!!)


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Except for his 'age' of '34' which is probably fat fingers [maybe 54?], this sounds like a typical story 'o the valley.

The whole pattern of mainly white, non-technical Boomers hiring jackasses from overseas may smack of what Dave W[h]in[g]er calls 'White Boy Welfare', but it certainly bears what I've seen and heard. Especially points 1, 3 and 4. I actually empathize with 3. Why would you hire other Americans when the guys from #1 would sell out your fellow countrymen over a few rupees? Americans are D-U-M-B and lack ethics. And the Indian guys know it.

But point #4, annoyingly, is 100% true of the outsourced Indians, along with cutting & running when the project gets hard. I can't say this *at all* about the Chinese. The ones I work with work within their skills, and will stick with a project no matter how bad it goes until the end. Just my experience. Yours may vary. But hey, Apple's gotten good results with Foxconn. The ones from the PRC might be 'sporty thieves' with your intellectual property, but then so were the Japanese early on. First you copy, then you innovate. Our frienemies east of Pakistan don't even try.

The question is, who's hiring all these yobs and why? Well, from what I've seen it's Boomers who are one post from retiring from their corps. It's not their 'going concern anymore, and if they can't have their name on the project, why not slap a bandage of Indian & Chinese donkey workers on the problem?

And you commoners wonder why your Windows crashes so much. It's not like Microsoft actually cares about the USA, you even have ol' baldy saying they'd just pack up and move to India anyway. Like they aren't half-there anyway. [Somewhat insightful Digg comments] [like this and this]

So to ol' 'other Steve' I'd say: "Head out, a$$hole!"

Seriously. If $MSFT moves the remainer of their business to Bangalore who would miss them?

"Outsourcing America: The True Cost of Shipping Jobs Overseas and What Can Be Done About It" (Ron Hira Ph.D. P.E. Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Dr. Anil Hira)

Even ol' Lou Dobbs has some type of clue:

"Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas" (Lou Dobbs)


yogaone said...

Nobody pays USD 120K for CCNA/MCSC work. Testing/Test team leads are available much cheaper. He says he is currently not happy with his current work and salary! Who will pay more than USD 120K for is being recruited for?

Harshal said...

This entire post seems like a rant of someone who might not be good at his work. He is constantly blabbering about his veteran skills and all the certifications he's got, but I think, whenever he might have been interviewed by a one-off company, he might have been rejected. Before he got laid off he might have been just surviving in that job being someone who doesn't do good work but knows some stuff which others don't. There are many such people in all organizations.

Also, no one leaves India coz' of the corruption. They leave for better opps in the US and a better chance to make it big.

If you left India due to disgust of corruption, I'm happy that this happened to you. You left for wrong reasons in the first place.

Stop crying and grow up.

The nation said...

I agree with this post other than his age 34. It is true for each word. I am working in IT as DBA for the last 10 years in usa. In our recent outsourcing the guy who claimed as project manager said he is PHd from india. He initially claimed he has 3 years oracle DBA exp but later his knowledge about the technology was nothing. We found it to be PHD in Indian Hostory. When we brought this to the management attection it was made silent beciase the CEO/CIO wanted to outsource it. Whenever any problem comes the management ask us to work on this and those guys simply watch and send many emails as if to show they are working because they have nothing else to do.