Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Windows 7, Slumdog OS Mk II. Optimized FAIL, Indian 'quality'.

So, looks like Cringely is wondering aloud like the rest of us why MSFT continues the confusing skus and intentionally overcharges for 'upgrades' -- It's easy. MSFT wants you to buy a new PC. And I think he's right. I wonder if he'll publish my comment, where I said:

I find it cute that holy wars are being found(sic, *fought*) over SlumDog OS mk 1 [Vista] and mk 2 [Win7].

The reason Snow Leopard is so cheap is because Apple had a long term plan for it; to get their users off PPC and on to Intel, and to drag Mac users into the 21st century with 64-bit computing.

Whether the users show some ethics and ‘honesty’ and pay more than $30, Apple doesn’t care. This is their retention play for all those users who don’t have the finances now to buy a new Mac. And yes, Virginia, every copy of 10.6 is a ‘full version’. It does NOT check for previous installs.

Lessee, MSFT is now being run by its clueless MBA who has threatened Obama with offshoring the REST of his operation [link], who knew how the upgrades would screw users since July:

Microsoft obviously didn’t budget for upgrade testing or development. The farce of overpriced shrinkwrap just lets them off the hook for any further investigation by the FTC of collusion with hardware vendors.

Seriously folks, go ahead and support the Slumdog corp and their slumdog OS. And then wonder where your jobs went and why you have to call Geeksquad to reformat your PC for the nth time.

I stand by what I say. Apple may get things wrong from time to time, and I have a love-hate relationship with them, but at least they're planning 5-10 years ahead and trying to retain users. And they are a hardware company. Google's doing the same with ChromeOS and Android.

None of the other corps including MSFT are planning for the long term. They can't because they cannot make longterm plans with constantly churning slave labor. You have to retain good people and have them around for 5-10 years, not churn slumdogs every 2. All you can do is what MSFT always does: take the money and run.

There are no customers to retain. Just the same old captive computer illiterate users they've always had. Once you've bought into the slumdog OS that's who will be supporting you.

MSFT is really competing against is the last OS that wasn't slumdogged, that being XP. Lots of folks are going to stay with XP.

Fools and their US$ are easily parted. Will you be one who supports a company that threatens our President over jobs that are mostly overseas anyway?

The only upside is once the dollar crashes I'm betting most if not all the H1Bs will head home. Oh, wait, that's 'already happening' -- most of them are dregs anyway.

If you're a local out of work, don't expect to be for long. From what I can see, WIndows 7 will be an even bigger mess than Vista was.

As a postscript to all my Indian "friends" out there, I've been to your country. How does it feel to have your own standards applied to you yourselves?

"Outsourcing America: The True Cost of Shipping Jobs Overseas and What Can Be Done About It" (Ron Hira Ph.D. P.E. Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Dr. Anil Hira)


Vivek said...

Everyone knows slumdogs kill every company they touch. Sun, PeopleSoft, Quark, Bell Labs (Arun Netravalli), now MS.

Thanks God they haven't gotten their hands on Apple due to Steve's lack of enthusiasm for outsourcing. But they will eventually. These 2rd world cockroach parasites chew up and consume everything in their paths.

Did I mention that the gov't of Japan refuses to let them in in large numbers?

Mentok said...

I'd like to see a hard link to that data on the Japanese government.