Thursday, October 29, 2009

City Brights: A bracket snaps.. and Yobie misses the Point.

Yobie Benjamin is a bright, somewhat maddening blogger who has trouble getting to the point.

He bombs you with facts, and raises questions. The raising questions part is good, and that's why I read him.

I think he writes his entries deliberately so that the commenters cut to the quick:

Ah, if only the Public knew how effin incompetent Caltrans is from top to bottom, they'd immediately fire every one of them and close the agency forever. And while this may sound racist, dealing with Caltrans is in effect dealing with the Third World. It is over run with engineers from Pakistan, Iran, Phillipines and every other wretched country one can think of and where English is a second (or third) language making communication nearly impossible at time. And it is common to have grossly inexperienced people "running" projects for Caltrans. Private contractors would never dream of allowing such responsibility based on such little experience - but since nobody hears about the gross incompetence w/in Caltrans (until a major accident/failure occurs like this), the Public is blissfully unaware of the billions that are pissed away every year thru gross negligence and outright incomptence. And to compound matters, Caltrans only attracts the worst and dullest - the best and brightest would never even dream of working for such a worthless organization or collaborating with Third World rejects.

[From City Brights: Yobie Benjamin : A bracket snaps and closes SF Bay Bridge... Is everything else OK?]

When I used to bust around SE Asia, I'd hear about stuff like this, in addition to other infrastructure problems like brown-outs. California has already experienced statewide brown-outs due to fraud with Enron under Gray Davis. Now we're experiencing 'structural failures' under Gavin Newsom and his agenda.

I hate to say this, but to the boomer globalist liberal elite, welcome to the consequences of globalization: third world values in regards to human life. As in 'Life is Cheap'.

With respect to Mr. Benjamin, Chinese steel doesn't kill. Third world "Engineers" -- note the quotes -- do. These folks have no stake in our country or way of life. And they retain values which only Boomers seem to embrace.

Folks like Yobie came from the third world -- I'm surprised he didn't pick up on this.

[This doc contains audio of Enron analysts telling plant managers to power down during peak hours, causing the brown-outs in California]

"Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" (Magnolia)

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