Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Boomers ongoing War on their own Young

MParent77772 is a very interesting Tweeter if you're into alternative news. He tends to find things that the MSM 'can't be bothered with'. Like this:

How to Reduce Unemployment, Rebuild the Middle Class and Free Ourselves From Wall Street

So imagine my surprise when Moshe Adler's recommendation is to eliminate our children from the part-time labor force:

Ten million college-age youth (between the ages of eighteen and twenty one) also work, and they fill the equivalent of eight million full time jobs. Five million of these college-age youth do not attend college at all. Finally, there are also four and a half million workers who are sixty six years or older, and they fill the equivalent of three and a half million full time jobs.
That high school students don't belong in the workforce does not require an explanation. Of course, the families of these children need the money they earn, but their earnings are very small, just $19 billion in 2007, and they could be replaced by child subsidies to low income families.

Actually, it does require explanation, Mr. Adler. How can countries like Germany and Japan survive, instilling their youngs with a work ethic so that the next generation? Most of these jobs are on Main Street and not Wall Street.

It's quite simple: They have journeyman and vocational programs so that there are disciplined workers in the pipeline.

So what would be the agenda for such an article? I think this post epitomizes the attitude of Boomers towards their own young -- from the ground zero of H1B action, Craigslist SFBay:

Does the under 30 generation have anything to offer?
Date: 2009-10-22, 6:15PM PDT

You sure sound whiny and entitled, like overpriviledged children really. Your true colors do not endear you to employers, thats why H1B hires are preffered.

Make no mistake, your ascetic liberal commentary is being observed and duly noted.

Good luck. Youll need it.

And this is why I show such bald-faced contempt for baby boomers. You raised your kids in your own image, you think they have all of your shortcomings, and the worst thing is you're not raising them to take care of you-- You'd rather have H1B slaves to wipe your collective asses -- while you ship our best and brightest off to the Middle East to wage wars that you would not fight in your time.

This is treason.

With all due respect Mr. Adler, if you want 'free yourself from Wall Street' you need to take away the slave labor incentives that are the H1B / L-1 programs. In your own little economic parlance you need to 'disincentivize' Wall Street from offshoring and outsourcing jobs that should be here.

That's what every other country in the world does, including China and India.

And if you're one of the neglected 'kids' in their teens to 20s, don't rely on your druggy parents to make opportunities for you. Sad to say, you will have to make your own. Find a main street small business, work for minimum wage, and pay your dues.

You need to eat some crow and get some discipline, to find out where you do not belong. And you need to learn respect for those who do work that you do not want to do.

Get a passport. See the world. Embrace, respect, and take no shit from other cultures. But remember your own.

And then come back and help the rest of us rebuild this shambles of a country.

If you're a GenX'er, and you have the financial wherewithall, DO. NOT. WORK. for treasonous Boomer corporations. Make a small business, make your mark, and see if you can salvage what passes for a society these days.

Dog-earred, and still in my bookshelf:

"Lonely Planet South East Asia on a Shoestring (Lonely Planet Shoestring Guides)" (Kristin Kimball, China Williams, Marie Cambon, Mat Oakley)

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