Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outsourced. Homeless. and blogging....

This guy's story mirrors the stories of the early 90s in the valley when there were no real 'Computer Science Degrees'.. just geeks & hackers learning the craft from O'Reilley books. To start from zero and to build a career. Many folks did it, including yours truly.

The shift in tech to low-price low-quality no-real-innovation hit everyone. Hard. But no one has a story quite like this guy:

He's Outsourced, Unemployed & Homeless- for over a year, and is blogging about it. This pic pretty much says it all:

That's right. This guy lives out of his car with a couple of certs and his library.

Personally? This is how I started my career in IT as a consultant, living partially out of a flophouse & my car and going to clients at o'dark thirty in the morning. Paying dues. For me, this was the early 90s... for a lot of geeks around this time.

But who in this country or any other would want to end their career this way?

Who in any country puts the rights of foreigners before its own citizens?

What's the point of being a citizen of the United States anyway?

No other country behaves this way.

Memo to Professor 'Fraudwa'. What slope is more slippery than this??? Was this guy's job 'saved'? Even your own home country knows the score.

Memo to President Obama: Why do you continue the failed immigration policies of the previous administration? Do we all get to 'go to Canada' like your generation did? We may have to if you keep up these policies.

Memo to all you comfy Boomers: You turned this guy out on the street?? What. The. Fuck. I'm speechless....

Go to this guy's site, and if you have the means, drop him some coin.....there are a LOT of geeks in this situation. What should they do?

Go to a country that appreciates them? Because it's obvious the USA does not, nor cares that our tech is being transferred overseas.

[No Amazon plugs. Seriously, donate to this guy]

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Tunnel Rat said...

Wassup! I saw your comments on TechCrunch and dig your style. I have a notorious blog at www.itgrunt.com and I wrote about the outsourced and homeless guy a few weeks ago. I get death threats all the time on my blog, so don't be surprised if you get some heat.

Right now I have my blog locked down because someone spoofed a dormant email account that I had and used it to send a terrorist threat that was traced back to me. I got a polite visit from the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

You don't really need to post this -- I am not trying to drive traffic to my blog or anything. But we in the "Insurgency" are always looking for new members to fight the invasion at the hands of the Indian outsourcing industry. We have several active bloggers and spread news and intel. We are also very active in the comments section whenever a post comes out supporting the denigration, displacement, and discrimination of the American techie.

If you are interested, shoot me an email, and I'll send you an invite to our Ning group, aka "The Bat Cave", ProAmericanWorker. We are also on Facebook and Twitter, sort of.