Friday, October 30, 2009

Arnold says State Legislature is teh suck in a VETO, retains Germanic sense of Humor.

You have to love our Governator. He definitely has more stones than his 'helpless' predecessor, Grey Matter Davis.

It's also nice to know that his Austrian humor remains intact, despite all the kumbayah'ing with vegetables like Pelosi & Boxer. To wit:

[From Arnold Schwarzenegger's coded F-bomb in veto - courtesy Boing Boing]

Das ist der Hammer, Ah-nold!! I can't think of a more suitable 'thumbs down' to the so-called Boomer "leadership" in the state capital.

It's a shame that Arnold is termed out. If you're going to preside over a failed state and take the blame that rightly belongs with the State Legislature, you might as well be entertaining.

What's next? If you believe the hippies, they want Gavin 'whoaz mah cable snapped' Newsom. And then the transition of California to third world shithole is complete.

I'm sure this is what der Governator feels like every. Fcuking. Day of the week dealing with loser hippies in Sacramento.

"Kindergarten Cop" (Ivan Reitman)

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