Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stephen Colbert's lil bro Seth on why ATT is teh suck

Really. This Seth kid really *does* look like Colbert's kid brother. PR bunnies are soooo cute when they try to translate tech to Engrish. At least the kid can look at a teleprompter:

Yeah, ATT, we hear you. Same old same old. At least what you have Seth blah-blahing at least makes sense, and doesn't quite put us to sleep like this 'soma' from Hippy-rina about her peoples da 'Boomers & the GOP will destroy Twitter to save it' blather.

I pay $30/mo for DSL that trails behind 3rd world countries-- You did the typical ISP mistake of over-subscribing your network by a factor of 3 or more, and now you're applying that successful model to your cell network too.

I also pay $30/mo for 3G that isn't. 'Less bars in more places.'

So if this is old news then why is Seth standing in front of a green screen?

$AAPL is ready for a divorce. That's why.

Sometimes I think AT&T is staffed by monkeys. Build out your network and stop pulling QoS tricks like Comcrap. For you civilians:

"Technical, Commercial and Regulatory Challenges of QoS: An Internet Service Model Perspective (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)" (XiPeng Xiao)

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