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From a Bay Area Lib: 'Why do the Democrats need my help?

I read this this morning on SF Bay Craigslist Rants'n'Raves. SF-RnR is probably the only one of all the cities that doesn't come off that much like a 'special needs' class. For the world. [post will expire]

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I Don't Understand Why The Dems Need My Help

Date: 2009-09-05, 11:41AM PDT

I get these emails from and other groups I belong to, asking me to do this and that, make phone calls, sign petitions, and so on. Otherwise, health care reform (or whatever the current agenda is) won't happen. What the f*** is that about? I clearly remember the Bush years, during which an illegal war was started, illegal wire tapping began, a CIA agent was outed, and the administration doing whatever it wanted with small, NON-super majorities. They never had to ask voters to go and do anything.

I started voting in 1984, and Obama's was the first campaign I'd ever sent money to. I did what I was asked. WE did what we were asked -- that is, deliver the presidency plus majorities in both houses. Instead of getting the "change you can believe in," we're getting excuses. "Weellllll, yes, we have majorities, but we still don't have enough to do what we want. Sooooo, we need you to work just as hard as you did during the campaign to get our agenda through." Ok, wait a second Mr./Ms. Politician. I have a damn job. I elected YOU to deal with this shit. You come to my job and help me out, then I'll go to D.C. and help YOU. As much as I hate Republicans (not all of them, just the crazed, Jesus-freak, birther, tenther morons; a lot of them are ok) I have to admit that they get more done with less.

The republicans never asked anyone to petition their member of congress to invade Iraq. The chimp wanted to invade Iraq, so we did. Done. The chimp wanted illegal wire tapping, and we had it. And so on. No "grass roots" movement required.

I am tired and I am out of gas. The way I see it, the dems can either get health care reformed or I no longer care. Ditto for the rest of our platform. I no longer have faith in the party, and I don't care who wins anymore. We could have 100 dems in the senate and there would STILL be an excuse. So why bother? I can find a way to enjoy my life no matter who wins the next "big election," so I think I will spend my energy on other things. I know that when the criminal republicans gain ground it will affect me adversely. It will affect almost everyone adversely, but I just don't care anymore. I had such high hopes for this president and this senate and now all I feel is disappointed. At least with the republicans in charge I can blame them for everything and vent my righteous anger. The dems get in charge and they want me making phone calls, visiting my member of congress, knocking and doors and so on, just to get nothing accomplished anyway. This isn't working for me.

Yes, I know this post doesn't help the cause and will only encourage right-wingers. I don't care about that either. I don't want republicans in charge, but I am seriously beginning to wonder if dems deserve to be in charge.

So, in the end, as we all feared, it boils down to the GOP hasn't cared about their moderate base since Reagan & the DNC can never, and I mean never get their act together. Okay, Clinton at least tried....

My email response in the next blog entry.....

Read this awhile ago:

"The Revolution: A Manifesto" (Ron Paul)

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