Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Nancy Pelosi...

....or, "you might want to watch that Yoda speech about 20 more times to see how it's done."

Every time you get an open mic to grandstand we see how out of touch and clueless you are. Even the 'fringe' calls bullshiat.

You and your generation had your little yell in the sun, probably from within a dope filled fog that you'd deny this generation. It's not like you're alone, you have friends on the other side of the aisle as deluded as you.

It's a FREE COUNTRY and you haven't shredded the 1st Amendment, have you? Yet? And we're 'mad'. Not to harsh your buzz, but I'm sure you remember this:

To paraphrase your little speech back at you, 'Shut up'. How about 'how dare you?' In fact, 'how dare you?'

To further elaborate, "don't you have a job to do?" How about "cleaning up the mess that Dubya & you helped make for the last 8 years?" "Turning on the water so we can farm" would also help.

Increasing the volume because you don't speak the same English we do is the American way.

But weepy tears and a 'stop the (non-existent) violence speech? WTF?

Seriously. Every American should either read the War Nerd or RantingKeyboard's Essay on what real war is. This is from someone who served!

This country was founded on the end of a blunderbuss. It was not pretty. None of us youngs want that. At. All.

That we now use words SHOULD be an indicator of how far we've come. But not for you, Nancy. You need to rub salt in the wound. We know what the future holds.

Maybe the soldiers that you've been stop-lossing for 5+ rotations will come back, run for office and we'll be done with your generations' nonsense. And to think you were anti-war. Hah!

That you do NOT understand this- that the Boomers in DC are the norm and not otherwise- should show you how messed up things are in both parties. Get off the stage. Please? Pretty please? All of you?

We need leaders. Not cheerleaders. And certainly not your weepy paranoid pinings for worse times. We need you to live in the here-and-now and take responsibility for what this country is now. You broke it. You fix it.

If you want to reminisce about how bad things were then you can go visit Charles Manson. Maybe that will give you some real perspective.

Finally, we of the younger generation(s) do not share your deluded, paranoid memories. So please keep them to yourself. TMI.

Yours, as respectful as you were to the American People,

Drunken Economist, more than mildly disgusted with you. Again.

PS. You're not my Mom. And neither are your friends 'who don't understand'.

"Animal Farm and 1984" (George Orwell)

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