Saturday, September 05, 2009

My EMail to 'Why do the Dems need my help' poster...

Gee, how could a ‘Liberal’ post resonate with me? Let’s find out, here’s my email back to the poster:

You wrote:

Just so you know, I’m a ‘conservative’.. no, scratch that, ‘moderate’.. I voted for the alky [Dubya] because it seemed a good idea at the time. I *didn’t* vote for McCain, or for Obama. Nobody likes us, because we try and think shit through, and change our minds about things.

I’m tired too. Tired of the lies, tired of the farce that was the Bush Admin, and tired that none of my ‘conservative’ friends can see a spade for a spade. And like everyone else, I’m trying to get my arms around the last 10 years. Near as I can tell, this is not a partisan thing, it’s more around money and generation cos the Boom-Booms are retiring:

* Boomers. Don’t get me started, you can read my blog about it or not. Clinton started it, Bush saw how far he could push it, and Barry? I guess he took notes. Barry (and Scharzeneger) both sound a lot like Gray Davis. Remember him? He ‘didn’t have the power’ to do anything either, more distracted by his abortive Presidential bid than Calif. brown outs. And basically let Enron run roughshod over the state power grid.

* Change the names to ‘Bush’ ‘Halliburton’ and ‘Iraq’ and it looks like war-profiteering, doesn’t it?

* I’m sure the Boomers are going to tell us how they’re gonna save the world on their deathbeds.

* You really ought to see ‘The Power of Nightmares’ by Adam Curtis. It’s a real red pill. Basically? The politicians used to sell us the American Dream. Now they sell us the Nightmare (paedophiles, drugs, terrorists, etc) that they’re protect us from. And they wanna be paid. Seriously, Wikipedia this film.

* All of this costs $$$. So we have to move it around to the big players (TARP, etc). And save ‘industries’ that should not be saved, like our do-nothing auto industry. I swear, except for Ford everything else in this country is a Citroen with chrome.

* Oh, and most of the folks in Washington DC are career politicians, like the ol’ Chappa-Killah. If we *ever* elect another Bush or Kennedy to high office we deserve exactly what we got in the last 8 years.

* To me, Carter and Dubya tie for the absolute WORST president of all time. It’ll be really hard for Barry to top Dubya.

* Again, this is all about $$$, and lawyers. You know, the real cottage industry of the USA, since we don’t have a tech industry anymore, really… the ‘Justice’ system, the ‘Legistlative Branch[es]’ .. a bunch of yobs who make a living basically quibbling about our existence and how it should be regulated.

* Remember all those jocks and cheerleaders in high school? They all grew up and went into ‘journalism’. They’re in the ‘entertainment’ industry. Dunno about you but I’m tired of the rolling news. It’s just violent porn / schadenfreude, which we Americans seem to get off on.

So yeah, I’m also tired. Maybe I should f**k off to Thailand or something for awhile.

—Drunken Economist, tempted to quote your CL entry, just clicked on ‘Best Of’.

Nothing to say other than I'm thinking of picking up Ron Paul's next book about the Fed....

"End the Fed" (Ron Paul)

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