Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boomers & GOP to save Twitter. Film at 11.

More Boomer tripe. How can this person have a PhD? This has to be the most parochial piece of ignorance that I’ve read in a long time…

To which I answered:

Since I don’t know where to start with this bundle of misinformation that you’ve written, I’ll just right a couple wrongs:

1/ Script Kiddies are the bottom of the food chain. To call them hackers is to elevate peasants to generals. What brought down Twitter was a DDOS. Please go to Google and look that up. While you’re at it, look up ‘botnet’ because a score of script kiddies and their PCs is *not enough* to ‘fail whale’ twitter.

The reason your theory didn’t make it into the MSM is because it was patently WRONG.

2/ You also have a fundamental mis-understanding of the follow / tribe model in Twitter. You SEEM to think it’s Facebook, where ad-crap is constantly pushed to the user via ‘beaconing’ of their private info / preferences /etc.

But it’s not. If you don’t like the working girls, informerical, spammy stuff then UNFOLLOW it. Simple as that. That is why Twitter is stomping FaceBook into the ground.

There are no real tribes. Maybe I’d call it ‘transient, multi-threaded, mailist type, tribing. I ‘follow’ developers and bloggers that I read. If they become too chatty then I can unfollow in seconds.

I can click on a #hash to try out different threads of thought, but I’m not restricted in any way like I could be in Facebook.

Bottom line: Script Kiddies, those little pukes that double click on, but don’t make exe files did not bring down twitter. Your grandma, whose PC was ‘running slow that day’ along with a few other thousand PCs in a botnet *did*.

The originator of the event, a ‘bot herder’ probably in the Ukraine got paid handsomely, end of story.

You also have a fundamental mis-understanding of Twitter. Edu-macate yourself.

Finally, if you really want to see ‘hackers’ in action then check out what has been done to SECURE the iPhone. Google ‘Jailbreaking’. That’s where the real hacking scene is at.

Finally finally, the old saying is that ‘the net sees {x} as cancer and routes around it.’ That applies to crackers, botnets, and Boomer idiocy like the DMCA. That Twitter went down is more a testament to their *lack* of preparedness. Which they seem to have rectified.

That 8% of the US population lives in such ignorance *and* dictates US policy at home and abroad should give anyone — but a Boomer — pause. The Boomer too busy looking in the mirror asking themselves if they’re still the pretty one.

And now here's something I like, that you might too. An old that I respect, someone who passed too soon -- I'm reading this right now:

"Brain Droppings" (George Carlin)

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