Sunday, March 06, 2011

Why is the DHS Lobbying Against USCIS & Americans over H1B Visas?

Today comes yet another attempt by... well, I'll get to that... but it's to resurrect 'VISA reform' to drive down wages & filler'up with Slaves for the 'new economy. It's a yawner worthy of Vivek Wadhwa until you get to two things: One, the punchline:

"The effort to pass the DREAM Act — focusing on those undocumented aliens seeking to enlist in our armed forces or get an education — was in that same spirit. But with that attempt having failed, the visa cap provides another opportunity."

(Via End visa cap on experts - The Boston Globe.)

And Two, just who is putting their name on this copypasta:
Juliette Kayyem, a guest columnist, is former homeland security adviser for Massachusetts and most recently served as assistant secretary at the US Department of Homeland Security.

Former my green posterior. There is no 'former' when you deal with the Feds.

The plot thickens as Ron Hira, of the Rochester Institute of Technology enters the fray. Even he doesn't buy it:

rhira wrote:
It is remarkable that an "expert" who had a high post in DHS doesn't have the basic facts correct. The public should be skeptical about our best and brightest making phony statements about serious policy issues, especially when they are either ignorant or hoping the public is. Where are the editors in these debates?

See the following two statements:
"There is a hard cap on the number of high-skilled (and often US-educated) workers under the H1B visa system; a cap that was filled by US companies in nine months in 2009, and in a matter of days in more prosperous 2008 and 2007."

This is factually incorrect. There are employers that are exempt from any cap. So, it isn't a "hard" cap.

"At MIT alone in the last decade, 53 assistant professors were able to stay in this country on an H1B visa."

MIT is one of those exempt employers and none of the 53 assistant professors were subject to any cap.

Ron Hira
(via 02/27/2011 10:35 EST

Let that bake as we hear from another REAL STEM person, who has figured out that these H1Bs bring nothing more than 'cheap' to the table:

ronp wrote:
"Juliette Kayyem wants to remove the cap on H1-B visa program because the scientists and engineers on this visa cannot take her job away! I am a US citizen and an experienced PhD chemist. I lost my job in a drug company three years ago. I have not been able to get a similar job. Currently I have a contract job that pays me 25% less than my earlier salary. Most of the good jobs that opened up during the last three years went to H1-B visa holders. Most of these jobs went to docile Chinese who are eager to settle down in USA and hence are willing to work hard for low wages. Yes, the H1 visa is about keeping wages down. Hey, may be the companies should hire foreigners on H1-B visa for the positions of CEOs and other management staff. They can save a huge bundle on salaries and other perks! I wonder what these greedy corporations will do fifty years from now when the foreign scientists and engineers graduate from American universities and go back to their own countries."

(via 2/28/2011 1:09 PM EST)

As I covered back in 2009, these students will go home ANYWAY for marriage or filial piety reasons.

So the real question is, what does the DHS want with foreign students? Who, when they graduate will be saddled with crushing (college) debt? Personally I have my own conclusion, and I do not think you'd like the answer, especially if you happen to be one of these students 'on the hook.'

First we have Vivek Wadhwa shamelessly pushing his tired, old debunked schtick in a PR package for NBC and their parent corp, General Electric, aka 'Generally Outsourcing'.

Now we have the DHS, a Federal agency pretty much in lockstep doing the same. Is this really America?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls.. Citizens & Immigrants... we are being played. Students are not being sent home to spread our values, instead they are RETAINED here as slaves while we EXPORT our soldiers to 'spread our values' at the end of a gun.

This is NOT 'win the future'.. this is WIRED TO FAIL.

Drunky out.

P.S. Don't tell me it's just her opinion. These things have to be cleared, "former" nothing)

P.P.S. The tie-ins with NBC - GE's other property 'Outsourcing' are there and desperate. Given that it's so offensive to normal Americans it's hardly surprising that many think it will be cancelled.

P.P.P.S. Why are GE and NBC so desperate? The answer as always is M & A, bad money after bad.


James said...

"more prosperous 2008"

More prosperous? Biggest financial collapse in 70 years. Where do the dig this crap up? NASSCOM?

Speaking of NASSCOM. I see the Visible Hand of NASSCOM $ in all this. Recruit some former gov't officials (they always sound credible to American sheep), a few other people of prominence, throw in Turtleneck Fraudy even though he's been a huge failure at everything he's done, throw lots of $ around to make sure everyone is on message, then let rip! Why not throw in some congressional lobbying while we're at it and volia! India gets what it wants - AGAIN.

We got duped in '98 and 2000 by this very same NASSCOM-paid stuff and now they are doing it to us again.

Mentok said...

What gets my Drunky sense going is that the shill doing the shilling is a member of the so-called 'intelligence community'.. you never leave that country club.

Yes, it's the same old material. The difference, this time is the mouthpiece. This isn't corporate or foreign skin in the game, these are elements of our own government.

Of course, 2 years from now when 'Lucy Napolitano' goes from DHS to 'former' or 'private' and spouts this policy -- and she will -- we will know for sure.