Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Boomers take their Bullying Ways to the Old Folks' Home |

Even our friends at, in that far-off freaky island of Taiwan can see what's happening over here:

"Watch out for Seniors Gone Wild in the US as the as the boomers hit retirement. It seems a return to group living in their golden years brings out the immature sides of the retirement-aged. We’re starting to see stories of senior-to-senior bullying as ‘mean old girls’ start picking on newcomers. And thanks to Viagra, some real seniors are getting busier then college seniors. If the trend continues, Uncle Sam might have to start picking up the tab for STD tests for seniors."

("Boomers grow old with Disgrace" via

Hop over to for some serious Chinese freakitude. I always thought that the Boomsters would die alone between diaper changes. Guess they'll beat their parents for diapers, sex lube & lunch money first.

I know, I know, first post of 2011. Happy New Year of the Rabbit.

Drunky out.

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