Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Obama & Hillary Foggy Bottoms messin' up Taiwan. BIG TIME.

Not content to just fuck his own country, Boomster Barry has continued what Dubya started, that is, undoing Poppy Bush's groundwork with Taiwan with regards to NE Asia:

"Then there is the role of Taiwan in our foreign policy. It has been a significant part of Asia's democratic peace, as well as a critical part of Asia's -- including China's -- economic boom and the region's political transitions. Every time we try and abandon it -- in the 50s, in the 70s, in the 90s -- we find it too important to be left to China's tender mercies. Theorists like Glaser offer no explanation for why we have not abandoned Taiwan given all the opportunities we have had to do so.

Let me offer a few. Any change to Taiwan's de facto independent status would be highly destabilizing. First, almost no Taiwanese want to live under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. Many Taiwanese would leave the island, meaning that Asia would lose a critical part of its economic engine. Those who would not leave would likely start to build nuclear weapons and their delivery systems -- a process that began, and which we stopped, the last time we tried to abandon Taiwan.

Second, if Taiwan were to fall into China's hands, China could militarize it in such a way as to remove any strategic depth from Japan, to control the South China Sea, and to push farther forward into the Pacific. For the first time since Pearl Harbor, we face threats to our command of the Pacific Ocean. China's control of Taiwan would hasten that process. The United States and China would then find many new reasons for conflict -- the protection of Japan, access to the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea, and so on. "
(underlinin': Drunky)

(Via Rethinking U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Taiwan - By Daniel Blumenthal | Shadow Government)

Hear me now and feel me later-- or at least read my overview of the Asias: Japan is waning, and we need savvy young ROC Chinese looking in, listening, and aligned with western interests in the Straits. Do I also need to add, that companies like Honhai / FoxConn are based there, and they are the ones who deal with the Chicoms? That it takes one to know one?

Ergo, I write:

Dear POTUS / Foggy Bottom Cleaning lady:

Da Fuck?? You need a review of the shit-u-ation, and I'm here to help.


-Drunky, not really surprised at this point.

PS. Straw poll: Do you guys like Foggy Bottoms or FoggyPants better? Just wondering.

PPS. Seriously, Missus former POTUS.pants, I'm watchin' yer deposition on CSPAN and you do look like 'hired help.' Madeline Albright, snappeh dressah you are not.

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