Friday, March 05, 2010

Dear PayPal: Re; Cryptome? Are you Total Retards?

Cryptome is one of my favorite sites for Confessions of an Economic HitMan type spooky files. It's not like PayPal has been singled out or anything, but yet this happens:

The Cryptome account has been shut down by PayPal. All DVDs requested through PayPal have been mailed and email confirmation sent. If you didn't get an email confirmation send a note to cryptome[at]

PayPal shutdown shenanigans are amply and angrily covered on Google (a poster says, "look, it's a banking service, expect to get screwed, first open-arms welcome, then back-stab treatment;" another says "the shutdown reason is always secret if its government.") and the matter is recounted in line with Cryptome's public information on gov-com censorship topics.

Cryptome has published two of PayPal's lawful spying docs:

The DVDs were and are intended to get the archive widely distributed as beneficial public information and partial protection against the shutdown of the site. Donations are welcome but not essential to continued operation -- Natsios Young Architects has been since 1996 the primary funding source. Shortly the PayPal topic will sink into the archive swamp.

[From Cryptome]

I'm sure that PayPal will issue some kind of Microsoftesque statement later that 'they didn't intend' blah blah blah whatever.

Remember kids: PayPal is NOT a bank. They are a financial services entity. That's why I get amused when they yank the chains of banks in 3rd World countries ala 'Economic HitMan' and then cry foul with individuals.

Read that again: PayPal is NOT a bank. You'd think they'd hire some so that their pretend bank would look more authentic, tho'.

Seriously PayPal: Stop hiring *retards*. I'm certain that some grabby Boomer keeps doing this crap with WikiLeaks and Cryptome. Seriously PayPally.... put'em out to pasture. Now. That way you won't have to apologize later. Hire some conservative banker types and this crap wouldn't even be on the table.

Cryptome is well worth your time and everything there including the 'Lawful Spying' manuals is on the Drunky reading list. And PayPal? Personally I'm moving to something else.

Drunky out.

"Confessions of an Economic HitMan" (John Perkins)

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