Saturday, June 18, 2011

Michio Kaku Joins the Slavery 2.0-"Brain Drain" Movement to Whore his Lame Book (updated)

(UPDATE: So why would Michio McScience big up H1Bs? Why, to increase the sales of his new, "mixed reviews because of filler" book. Don't believe me? Here's the lame talking point right here in the book itself.)

In a move that's rivaled only by the baseless threats of the Goldman Sachs and others who collected bailout & paid bonuses, now we have Michio Kaku carrying water for the Slavery 2.0 / H1B crowd and threatening the downfall of the USA because of that tired mantra, 'brain drain':

"Without the H1B, the scientific establishment of this country would collapse.  Forget about Google!  Forget about Silicon Valley!  There would be no Silicon Valley without the H1B.  And you know what the H1B is?  It’s the genius visa.  Okay?  You realize that in the United States, 50% of all PhD candidates are foreign born.  At my system, one of the biggest in the United States, 100% of the PhD candidates (in physics) are foreign born.

The United States is a magnet sucking up all the brains of the world, but now the brains are going back.  They’re going back to China; they’re going back to India.  And people are saying, “Oh, my God, there’s a Silicon Valley in India now!”  “Oh, my God, there’s a Silicon Valley in China!”  Duh!  Where did it come from?  It came from the United States.  So don’t tell me that science isn’t the engine of prosperity.

You remove the H1B visa and you collapse the economy."

(Via How come the scientific establishment of the United States hasn’t collapsed? Because it has a secret weapon. | SciGuy | a blog.)

Yeah, Kaku-kun, you vill collapse a 3 war no jobs economy if you give up zee slaves.

"I say sir! If you give up the negro slaves in the fields COTTON WILL NO LONGER BE KING!" That's Kaku's argument give or take a hundred years with a different set of serfs.

Vivek Wadhwa was right. The H1B is too toxic to talk about, it's time for a 'real academic' like HorseDeer 馬鹿 Kaku to parrot his talking points about brain so-called drain.

Riddle me this, Dr. Kaku: If all the jobs are taken up by foreigners, why would any American student put money into a STEM education if the resulting debt cannot be serviced?

Why would any American STEM scientist work in in science for a country that has forsaken them for foreigners of questionable ability. Certainly NOT the 'best & brightest?' They wouldn't, and THAT is why you have SO MANY QUANTS on WallStreet. Working on THOSE types of weapons.

"Brain Drain" is a sham, boys & girls. We're not entitled to those brains. As I've said before, there's culture & family that requires these kids to go home and get married. Why would they 'hang around' shriveled old white Boomer managers? Or Oyaji Kaku? To 'do what they're told?' Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

We should be exporting our values when these students graduate & go back to improve their own home countries. I'm looking at you, Chinese, Japanese, and especially you, Indian kids. Your host countries in the West do not need another Groupon or Facebook clone-- or worse-- YOU helping their increasingly repressive governments make more DARPA bullshit technology.

The next drone that kills YOUR OWN people or the next Internet kill switch that prevents FREE SPEECH could be made by YOUR OWN HAND. And chickenshitting yourself a into WallStreet Quant career does not absolve you. On that point I agree with my little NASSCOM sahib Vivek Wadhwa.

That's why I'm pissed off at Horse.Deer.Kaku. He should know better, if senility hasn't set in. GREED certainly has.

The USA's largest export is war. Instead of ideas. Remember when it used to be the other way around? Good times!

Oh, and Michio Kaku? You should be ASHAMED for contributing to this agenda. And doubly ashamed to promote a lame book on the bodies of American STEM workers.

Drunky out.

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Dreamliner said...

No, he just got bought off by NASSCOM, that's all.