Monday, August 23, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa's Anticlimatic Anti-American Tour! In November!

Now that his newly hyphenated country seems to be waking up to his blatant lies on this side of the ocean, Vivek Wadhwa, India Inc's lobbyist in American residence, if not their most prominent "Economic Hitman" wannabe is taking his message of "India good, all others bad" on the road. At least if you judge him by his twats. He seems to have a very full November in places that do not share US interests:

Accepted invite by Pres. of Okinawa Institute of Science and Tech to visit on Oct 6/7. Look forward to meeting Japanese followers there!

Ah, so the first whistle stop on the India Inc tour is those Ryuukuu residing rabble rousers. Ah, Okinawa, the thorn in Japan's side, the final nail in the coffin of the previous PM of Japan -- for not pushing the USA to remove military bases fast enough despite having a mischievous neighbor to the north & west who lobs missiles into the Sea of Japan... a great place to start stirring the pot, if not pro-India, then anti-America.

Tip for making friends: Ask the locals what a 'Soapland' is!

Also accepted invite to give a keynote at NASSCOM in Bangalore in Nov. First time I am meeting NASSCOM people or attending their events.

Ah, it seems that the NASSCOM Don of the main Bharati Mafia finally wants to meet India Inc's first native EHM (Economic Hitman) face to face and cheek to cheek!

We've all seen 'The Godfather' enough to know why my little sahib is going to see his masters in the flesh: he's risen to prominence and is up for promotion. Summoned to the Main Office. A doff of my skullcap to you, my little sahib. But I think you'll be headed back to the Bangs after your next stop:

Teaching a class on entrepreneurship at Tsinghua University in Beijing in November. Hope to meet Chinese followers while I am there!

No doubt my little sahib will try the EHM thing on the Chinese, but hist! I think those tales of 'Chindia' will fall on slightly more seasoned, bemused, hand-picked ears. Be sure that you do not tell them about the JooJoo! Mum!

The Chinese probably also promised not to bring up why Apple won't use India for R, D, or manufacturing. But it'll be a nice little junket for you, my little sahib: Now you get to see why China will use India to wipe the floor of the world.

Don't believe me? Pick up this month's Economist. The China-India special is to die for.

Ah, America. There was a reason Australia kicked my little sahib to the curb. But we proud Americans, & her back east / beltway Ivyiots like Mumbai Don Tennant never learn. Le Sigh.

-Drunky out.

[Really, really recommend this as inflight reading for my little sahib]

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" (John Perkins)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa: Fraudy Cat scared! Selling his iPad! Linkbait! Drama!

You just can't make this up. The Hindustani PT Barnum of our Time(sm), Vivek Wadhwa is officially scared.

Of his own iPad. And Apple fanatics. A sharp-eyed Drunkeh reader points your bad uncle Drunkeh to this gem:

Dear friends, No you can’t have my iPads. They are for sale! can J Apple fans are more fanatical than the xenophobes I get death threats from. Expecting some scathing comments!

[From Vivek Wadhwa Tries Linkbaiting With The Help Of iPads]

This is a wonderful dissection of my little sahib by someone other than yours truly. If you do not read Mr. Punkish then, by Vishnu, the terrorists & $AAPL fanboys win!

Just one question: What's a 'can J'..? Blue J? J League? J Crew? These are all very scary things indeed containing this menacing letter *J*.

Oh, my little Sahib. No wonder you're seeing things. First Apple fanboys, and now unicorns in the mail. That, and I guess you'll have to find a new schtick because even those hicks in Nyew Yawk ain't fallin' fer it.

Le *sigh*. Carry on, sally forth, and 'bolster' yourself, my little Sahib. And remember to use the same interns you use to sanitize your dissertations when you submit 'linkbait' to TechCrunch.

Doff of my cap and a spill of wine to Mr. Punkish for posting the original gem, later sanitized by one of Arrington's little flunkies. The funny is powerful with this one. Albeit unintentionally.

Drunky out.

[If at first you do not succeed.. misconstrue misconstrue misconstrue again....]

"How To Win Friends and Influence People" (Dale Carnegie)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa: Fraudy Cat! "M1 Bullets!" FBI! Unicorns!

Aw, it looks like my little Sahib Vivek has been busy Dude! So busy that the Fraudy One's LIFE IS IN TEH DANGER!! ... even I can't resist blogging this /OPINION/ from "Local Tech Wire -- sayeth the Fraudy-Cat:

“As I mentioned in my last email, I gave the lunchtime keynote at the ImmigrationWorks conference in Seattle on Thursday,” Wadhwa wrote. “One thing I didn’t say in my e-mail, at the request of the FBI, was that speakers to this event received letters telling them that if they attended ‘the biggest gathering of traitors of the century,’ they would do this ‘at their own peril.’”

To bolster the threat, Wadhwa pointed out:

“Attached to the letters were M1 bullets (a carbine used in semi-automatic weapons by government and paramilitary forces). Security at the event included FBI agents and Seattle police in plain clothes, and a big bouncer at the door.”

How crazy must people be? This is absurd.

[From High-tech visa debate generates deadly threats :: The Skinny at Local Tech Wire]

How crazy (foar teh bullshit) must people be? Let's find out:

* Why are there no Seattle papers running this tripe^h^h^h^h^h story? They seem to know better.

* "M1 Bullets" - You mean .30 calibre generic plinkers that bounce off trees? That you can get from Sears? Ooooooh, SCARY. There's a UNIQUE BULLET foar the 'M1'. You learn something new every day.

* Speaking of which, Fraudy-Cat, um, the M1 Carbine (and variants) have been replaced like, twice over. They're a training gun used by retirees and 12 year-olds to shoot cans off logs. Don't believe me? J.F.Wikipedia.It. Paramilitaries? What, do you think this is India? Bwahhahahahahahahah!!

* Dude the FBI said teh no say the anything!!! Referz u to 'at request of the FBI' partz ofz schitck. Sorry, went a little 'GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD' there. Hard, HARD to resist. Much love to dat shawty!

Finally, and most damning, um, I do not think the US Postal Service would allow live ammunition through the mail. We're not like your native India that allows 61 trucks full of high explosive to up and go poofsie.

You would have been better off saying the gun was a t-16 and that your name was Vivek Womp-rat. Noooooo, and Twit-tah too? Say it isn't so, my little Womp-rat!

Oh snap! And only ONE BLOG in North Carolina picked up this story? Probably because everyone remembers this one:

Mouth piece: Vivek Wadhwa's talent for trumpeting his company shines, but observers want to see another kind of performance. (Feature).

Ah, my little Sahib. Always the showman. Seriously, you were barred from Australia for having brown skin? *Shock*

In Season 1, you shined, everyone believing your lies and damned statistics. Tag teaming with has-been pro-globalista wannabe lobbyists like Mumbai Don Tenant.

Season 2, you grew the beard, like every other actor facing the cut.

Now in Season 3, with your ratings down, your 'life is in danger.' Somebody call that 24 guy!

T'heck with retribution. THERE WILL BE COMEDY.

YOU CANNOT RUN FROM THE FUNNY OF THE FRAUDY-CAT. Or his absurd lies. Stay bolstery, my little Sahib!

Memo to Rick Smith: Did you even vet or source this?? Oh wait, this Boomer-joker is writing about vapor like the 'immernet.' Like that even rolls off the tongue.

"This is absurd."


-Drunky out.

"The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" (Max Brooks)