Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crazy Kari Ferrell, an opportunity for Jandi Lin

And now for a topic near and dear to my blackened heart. Crazy, sometimes even homicidal Asian Girls.

This guy has been paying attention:

Kari Ferrell and Jandi Lin: Mainstream Op?

But he didn’t get my quote about Kari Ferrel from another Gawker story where I said (on 07/10/09):

Dude, this girl is limber enough to reach *all the way around* and *snap herself in the eye*. She’s on my shortlist. Those types of shorties don’t grow on trees.

They’ll probably put her in the SuperMax that I live near. Wonder if she’s still on OKCupid doing that vegan diet thing?

It’s not like she *killed* someone, *cough* [Ny Nourn case]

But seriously. How come all the *real* hottiez are either homicidal or criminally insane?

Shortiez of the world unite. America is such a boring place without you… and Miss Jandi, you should pounce on this. If not you then maybe ‘SazzyAzn‘ from Craigslist fame..

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