Monday, December 19, 2005

Craigslist: The Angriest Place On the Net

I nominated this best of CL. Seeing as CL is just another pustule filled vat of dead souls is that saying much?

The words aren't mine -- I couldn't have said it better myself. Mentok says enjoy.

Craigslist: The Angriest Place On the Net
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Date: 2005-12-12, 7:47PM PST

Today it hit me.

This place, this little Craigslist community of assholes you've all created for yourselves, it's by far the angriest place on the entire internet. To be honest, I'm not even sure it's close. A chat room full of Klan members is a much friendlier place than Craigslist. I mean it's totally out of control. You'd think that Bill Gates or that cock sucker down at Oracle would invent some software so that Craig could hire... I dont know, some type of bail bondsman that would come to your house and collar some of you degenerates. Because I'll be honest, some of the opinions expressed here on Craigslist are so out of bounds, that the person or people who are expressing these views could potentially be terrorists.

I'm not kidding. No joke. I'm serious as a fucking heart attack. No disrespect, but some of the views expressed on CL are so ignorant, that only a fuckin' towel head could follow where some of you are coming from.

Last night I created a post on spiders, basically how spiders were evil cock suckers and how much it would suck to be a fuckin' moth knowing spiders were creepin' around every corner.

A totally harmless post about moths and spiders. Nothing at all offensive about it. So the first guy replies that he really enjoyed the story and with that, some angry asshole is like, "Where do they find these stupid fucks!" Thats all he wrote. All he wrote was, and I quote, "Where do they find these stupid fucks!"

Alright now, let me try to follow this. I write a totally harmless story about moths and spiders and out of left field, I'm a "stupid fuck"? Not only am I a stupid fuck, the other guy who enjoyed the story is also a stupid fuck. Why? Well to be honest I'm not really sure he knows why! Basically, all he knows is, we're both stupid fucks!

I mean think about that. Think about the anger it takes to drive somebody to read a piece on moths and spiders, get so worked up over it that it wouldn't be right if you didn't tell the person who wrote it that he or she is a "stupid fuck." Because I dont know about your Craigslist community, but my shit makes you go through this big hassle just to publish something. You gotta type in some crazy code word that you've never heard of, part of the word is camouflaged with sand, you can't tell if it's a fuckin "T" or an "F". Then when you spell the word you gotta wait for this email to arrive, sometimes it never comes, which sucks for the angry asshole because he doesn't really have anything insightful to say, he's just in a huge hurry to tell the next guy he's a "worthless cock sucker". And this goes on all day! So you cant lay all the blame on the pimple faced teenager whose thinking about blowing up his school.

Yet the angry lunatic just doesn't care. It just doesn't register. He's so worked up over the fact you dislike spiders, not only are you a stupid fuck, you're probably one of the more stupider fucks he's ever met!

I mean what happened?!?! No, seriously. What happened? What happened to society in general? I started seeing it slowly unfold right after 9/11. The anger. It's like the flu. I've seen it consume people in my own family. All of a sudden, they are angry. Problem is, they dont really know why they are angry. You cant see the flu.

I just dont remember all the anger before 9/11. Yeah, anger has been a part of life since the beginning of time yet it's clearly at a high point right now. For instance, why is everything an issue? Why does everything have to be a big fuckin' soap opera? It's like the media hypes up some ordeal knowing that automatically we will be pitted against ourselves. Meanwhile we're fighting a war in Iraq with "United States" jersey's on.

There's nothing United about this country. If you want to know the truth, I think this country is on the brink of a civil war. We absolutely hate eachother! This motherfucker over here dislikes me because I'm afraid of spiders!! Are you kidding me?!?!

And heaven's forbid if the soap opera stars a black man. Jesus Harold Christ here come the racists. And these people, my God, I dont know where they find these people. I thought these people went extinct back in '94.

I've got this hamster, he's like 18 years old, maybe 16, I dunno, all I know is he's the dumbest fuckin' hamster you've ever seen. He's a dumb motherfucker. And even he knows that if you hate somebody because of their skin tone, your best bet, your best play, would probably be to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. I mean, contribute to society, serve your country. You're an idiot. Face the facts.

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